Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ugly Sweater Party Ideas

This year I got invited to an ugly sweater party and I was thinking of all the ways this could go down. First off, being a monster, I have to outshine everyone else at the party. Need edgy heels and a flashy sweater. Or I can mellow out and just wear an ugly sweater and blend with everyone at the party. Or I can wear a sweater skirt. I looked for ideas on Pinterest, and most of the ideas were too obnoxious for me. Stuff was coming off the sweater and they had total 3D effects going on. I settled with putting lights into the sweater inspired by Jenna Marbles from her halloween custome. Got a cheap sweater from Walmart and battery operated lights from Target. Since it's knitted it was easy to shove the lights through, but I had to tape them to get them to stay in place. I used masking tape, probably not the best idea but it'll hold and it's less sticky than regular tape. If I decide to take it off that way it won't pull off the knit too much. The batter pack is small enough to put in a pocket (jeans or coat) but be careful not to leave it on too long because it gets a bit warm.

I also have a friend's sweater where they glued a bunch of stuff on there to make it ugly. Literally large snow flakes and a picture of Santa Clause on it. It's a cute sweater and it could have been made ugly in a cuter way. This is the easiest way to blend in. Right now I'm kind really into the sweater skirt. At first I questioned whether it would work for me, but the more I think about it, the more I want to buy it.

I would totally wear it elsewhere and it's not entirely ugly. I'd pair it with my Night Walks and denim shirt. It'd look great. Any other ideas?

x Brittniss

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