Friday, December 7, 2012

Dance on by Dtrix

I'm a super huge fan of the DanceOn channel on YouTube. I'm not exactly sure what the exact concept of it is, but I believe it is sponsored by Just Dance 4. What's so interesting to me is the fact that they are legitimately making the youtubers dance. It's awesome. I'm like man, I wish I made a channel early on and then like had that upper advantage to win their prize. Wouldn't have happened, but wouldn't it have been so cool? It's great to see dance go beyond the dance world. It really does bring the world together. The professional dancers are great as well, they are so versatile and it's wonderful that the youtubers get to learn how to dance for free. What's odd about the show is that Ryan Higa is one of the judges. Honestly, it's almost insulting that he's not even of a dance background and he's one of the judges. But at the same time he's well acquainted with these guys so he can judge their performance and effort better than a professional. Keep on spreading the love of dance.

x brittniss

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