Tuesday, December 4, 2012

MAC Glamour Daze

I'm so devastated that MAC only has a limited stock on their collections, and what's worse is that they leave it on the website with false hope. I WANT THE GLAMOUR DAZE LIPSTICKS!

I'm just gonna say it, people on eBay are crazy. They're selling these lipsticks for approx $30, 100% profit on the lipstick that originally cost 16.50. Do you see why I'm so devastated? I've literally called all the MAC stores in my area to purchase them. It would be great if you restocked them. Hint hint, which I'm hoping for since they did bring back Viva Glam Gaga temporarily. But I am not sure if that was only for the website, cause that's where I saw it on. Well wishful thinking. Anyone want to send me theirs? Not used please, thanks.

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x brittniss

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