Friday, December 14, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk Lita Review

Hey guys! So I finally bought my own pair of night walks! Check out the unboxing below!

Yes I've already written a full review for this shoe, but I just can't get over how much I love them and how great it feels to actually own them. I have a mini collection of JCs sitting in my closet. It's super exciting. Honestly, I tried them on for a little at Nordstroms and walked like a few steps, but I actually WALKED in these shoes and it was so easy. Because it doesn't have a heel, it doesn't have the extra weight to hold it down and makes it easier to walk in than the Damsel.
Check out the look above, and here are some pics of the shoes.

Hope your holiday is going well so far. Mine is.

x Brittniss

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ugly Sweater Party Ideas

This year I got invited to an ugly sweater party and I was thinking of all the ways this could go down. First off, being a monster, I have to outshine everyone else at the party. Need edgy heels and a flashy sweater. Or I can mellow out and just wear an ugly sweater and blend with everyone at the party. Or I can wear a sweater skirt. I looked for ideas on Pinterest, and most of the ideas were too obnoxious for me. Stuff was coming off the sweater and they had total 3D effects going on. I settled with putting lights into the sweater inspired by Jenna Marbles from her halloween custome. Got a cheap sweater from Walmart and battery operated lights from Target. Since it's knitted it was easy to shove the lights through, but I had to tape them to get them to stay in place. I used masking tape, probably not the best idea but it'll hold and it's less sticky than regular tape. If I decide to take it off that way it won't pull off the knit too much. The batter pack is small enough to put in a pocket (jeans or coat) but be careful not to leave it on too long because it gets a bit warm.

I also have a friend's sweater where they glued a bunch of stuff on there to make it ugly. Literally large snow flakes and a picture of Santa Clause on it. It's a cute sweater and it could have been made ugly in a cuter way. This is the easiest way to blend in. Right now I'm kind really into the sweater skirt. At first I questioned whether it would work for me, but the more I think about it, the more I want to buy it.

I would totally wear it elsewhere and it's not entirely ugly. I'd pair it with my Night Walks and denim shirt. It'd look great. Any other ideas?

x Brittniss

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Don't tell Jack that I kidnapped Sandy Claws.

Check out the look above in the link!
Here are more photos of the look as well. Don't forget to check the make-up post on instagram. Christmas is just around the corner and I couldn't help but put this look together. It's combination of classy yet edgey. I give compliments to the Damsels for that. I wore something similar to this look for last year's christmas party but thought I'd recreate it and add more accessories to it. I attempted a bow bun, but my hair just wasn't cooperating for this shoot. Hence, the half-up, half-down look completed with a bow. I was so persistent in having a bow because of the presents, and felt it was a signature look of presents, so it only felt right that my look was completed with a bow. Everything is styled by me as well as the make-up. I used Smashbox, Urban Decay, and some loose pigment eyeshadow and MAC Viva Glam Nicki. Accessories as mentioned on lookbook are from Macy's. Damsels are from This dress was from Forever 21's Minnie Mouse Collection. The back of the dress is gorgeous. Simply sophisticated. There's a slit on the back of the dress so it makes it easier to maneuver. To wrap it up, the title came from the idea of Jack's ambition to be Santa Clause. The black and white coincidently ended up matching Jack's look as well as Minnie's. The eyeshadow expands beyond where shadow typically goes on the lower lid to give a more hallow effect and looking like Jack. Hope you enjoy your holiday.

x Brittniss

Friday, December 7, 2012

Dance on by Dtrix

I'm a super huge fan of the DanceOn channel on YouTube. I'm not exactly sure what the exact concept of it is, but I believe it is sponsored by Just Dance 4. What's so interesting to me is the fact that they are legitimately making the youtubers dance. It's awesome. I'm like man, I wish I made a channel early on and then like had that upper advantage to win their prize. Wouldn't have happened, but wouldn't it have been so cool? It's great to see dance go beyond the dance world. It really does bring the world together. The professional dancers are great as well, they are so versatile and it's wonderful that the youtubers get to learn how to dance for free. What's odd about the show is that Ryan Higa is one of the judges. Honestly, it's almost insulting that he's not even of a dance background and he's one of the judges. But at the same time he's well acquainted with these guys so he can judge their performance and effort better than a professional. Keep on spreading the love of dance.

x brittniss

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

MAC Glamour Daze

I'm so devastated that MAC only has a limited stock on their collections, and what's worse is that they leave it on the website with false hope. I WANT THE GLAMOUR DAZE LIPSTICKS!

I'm just gonna say it, people on eBay are crazy. They're selling these lipsticks for approx $30, 100% profit on the lipstick that originally cost 16.50. Do you see why I'm so devastated? I've literally called all the MAC stores in my area to purchase them. It would be great if you restocked them. Hint hint, which I'm hoping for since they did bring back Viva Glam Gaga temporarily. But I am not sure if that was only for the website, cause that's where I saw it on. Well wishful thinking. Anyone want to send me theirs? Not used please, thanks.

In the meantime, don't forget to check out my lookbook and and Instagram @xbrittniss

x brittniss

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Toothpick vs. Matchstick Jeans at J. Crew

I really like that J. Crew has an assortment of colours for corduroy jeans. However, I didn't know there was a huge different between the Matchstick and the Toothpick style. Even there's a difference in sizes. I wear 26-27 depending on the brand of jeans, but I had a whole size difference between the two pair of jeans. The Matchstick I was 26 and Toothpick was 27. Matchstick is more like a bootcut/straight leg jean, where the Toothpick is like a skinny jean. I have been having issues with jeans lately where they bunch up at the zipper. I don't know if I never noticed it before, but I definitely experienced that with the Matchstick jean and Levi's high-rise. Furthermore, the matchstick were really baggy and lose around the legs. If you're into that style the matchstick is the way to go, but if you're more into the skinny jeans, then go Toothpick. I ended up picking the Toothpick because I like wearing boots so it's easier to fit into them and they looked fitting. I bought the brightest pink one. I literally couldn't contain my smile when I tried them on because I loved them so much. So far the only other pair of corduroys I own are from Urban Outfitters. I can't remember the brand of those but those ones are great too. Any other corduroy recommendations?

x Brittniss

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Khol's Shopping Experience - Rock and Republic Review

I typically don't like shopping at Khol's, but today I happened to take a look around their store for some holiday shopping. It's great for buying men's shirts for a good price but as far as clothing that I wear, not so much. Remember those Rock and Republic commercials that were airing awhile ago? Well, it finally caught my eye at the store because it's large sign and large space for it. I found a shirt I liked and it was the Embellished Drop-Tail Hem Blouse. I've wanted a top like this since Forever had it, but they sold out so fast it was so frustrating. Point is, I never got to buy it at Forever, so when I saw this shirt I was like MINE! Just kidding, I wasn't that obnoxious, but in my head I was. It is see-through, but it isn't as bad as sheer tops. I would try wearing it with a nude bra before resorting to wearing a tank top underneath. It is a high-low top so it's longer in the back, which is fine by me because it was look great with leggings and the Ikey-Over the Knee boots! Check out this link for the review.
Anyway, so there's these little triangles at the edge of the collar but it adds an edgey touch to it but it's not too overwhelming. Gold accessories would probably look best since it is a mint colour, but I'm sure silver would look fine too. Hope your holiday shopping is going well.

x Brittniss