Sunday, September 13, 2015

L I V I N G // Things from Trader Joe's I can't live without

Someone recently asked me about some healthy, easy recipes and I couldn't think of any particular recipe that didn't require much time and effort, but I did happen to think of things from Trader Joe's that I can't live without. These also helped me get through my college years.

Full Meals:

1. Soy Chorizo.

Yes other stores have this but this one is so inexpensive and it's actually vegan. I still prefer it before it went vegan friendly, but it still tastes pretty good. I enjoy this mixed with my scrambled eggs.  Trust me, it's pretty freakin good. Approx cook time, 6 - 10 min, depending on how you like your eggs.

2. Polenta.

Where has this product been my whole life?! Approx cook time, 8-10 min. I like cooking it until it's crispy and the first time I was introduced to this, my friend told me to fry it on a pan with butter then add bruschetta and parmesan cheese. Mm hmm. So good. The packaging suggests to cook the polenta first then add your toppings, then throw that all in the microwave, but since I avoid microwaves, I add all the toppings after the first flip. You might lose some crispness to it but trust me, you want to avoid the microwave.

3. Pre-made salads.

Yes, it would be way cheaper to make your own salad, but this requires no prep or cooking, so all you have to do is mix in your parmesan cheese, croutons, and dressing, and you're set to go (at least for the caesar salad one).

4. Quiches.

These frozen quiches come in a variety of flavors and are individually packed. Great thing about these is no prepping! Downside is it takes 35-45 min if you're cooking it in an oven. I used to throw it in the microwave and then broil it in a toaster oven, but like I said, NO MICROWAVING! It literally kills your food.

5. Roast Beef.

Unfortunately there are two kinds of roast beef here, but the one I particularly like is the one in the squarer package (I know so descriptive). I like this one because it's hearty and doesn't have a lot of extra ingredients to make it look like roast beef. Tastes great with any bread, mayo, mustard, tomatoes, and spinach. Prep time, approx 5 - 10 min.

Snack Options/Sides:

6. Jackfruit chips.

I personally don't care for eating fresh jackfruit, but I do like the jackfruit chips. Yes they're a bit pricey but this fruit is really expensive. Each package is about 2 servings so you can probably finish the bag in one sitting.

7. Vanilla Yogurt.

Yes their brand of Vanilla yogurt tastes really good to me. I normally don't care for flavored yogurts, but this one is an exception.

8. Brown Rice.

There are two kinds of brown rice here, one that states organic and the other not so much. The organic one is in a darker green box and the non-organic one is in the lighter green box. I didn't care for the organic one, but I must say the non-organic one is super tasty for brown rice. It's moist, flavorful, and easy to cook. Stick it on a sauce pan and stir it every so often. Approx cook time, 8 - 10 min. It's a great side to eat with a protein and veggies.

9. Mochi Ice Cream.

Tell me why mochi ice cream is the cheapest price here by far. All the other grocery stores are always 5.99 and up, and I think Ralph's sold it at $7.99. Even compared to the asian super markets, mochi is still cheaper at trader joe's. Not a fan of mochi myself, but for my family, this is a must. Cheapest price thus far.

That wraps this up. I'll update this if there is any other things that come to mind.

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