Thursday, September 10, 2015

Grey's Anatomy Season 11

I just finished binging the last season of Grey's Anatomy. This was the most heartbreaking season I have ever watched. I'm warning you now, there will be a ton of spoilers if you haven't watched it already, but I just need to vent to the world how I feel about this season.

I absolutely love Amelia's character on the show. I love how Private Practice weaved back into Grey's Anatomy. Shonda is absolutely brilliant. Amelia's character deserves to be on the show and it's nice to see a familiar face rather than the new residents they bring in every year. I like how Shonda brings real information into the show, especially during Dr. Herman's surgery where Amelia and Edwards were doing the super hero pose right before the surgery. It is scientifically proven, so ladies and gentlemen, you should do it. I'm so glad she didn't relapse back into her habits regardless of all the stuff she went through this episode. I would almost equate it to losing her boyfriend and baby (maybe not to that extreme), but Amelia's had a pretty tough life. Props to her for sticking through it.

I also love how Meredith had another half sister (Maggie), that was even more brilliant. Bringing in all these elements and stories that we never saw the full picture was freakin amazingly brilliant. Of course Richard Weber and Ellis Grey had a child. It would only be stupid if they didn't. I didn't feel they concluded her issue with leaving very well. One episode she was leaving and the next she's not. I mean I get that Meredith presented her with all the notebooks, but it wasn't like officially announced she changed her mind and decided not to leave. Nonetheless, I'm happy about Maggie's addition to the show.

Edwards was great. I loved her believing in Amelia and I love her addition to the show. Her presence isn't whiney nor complaining, but simply trying to be amazing. I didn't like how Amelia kept disrespecting her though, regardless of whatever Amelia was going through. See, that's why she was such a jerk to the new residents. My favorite line, "Heel ducklings, heel." Priceless.

First Jackson and April's baby died (cried from that episode), then Derek died (bawled my freakin eyes out). I still don't think Derek should have died. I absolutely think Shonda could have made their relationship work, unless she's saying in the near future Meredith would have found out that Derek technically cheated and then that would destroy her. I think either way it would have destroyed her, but I seriously cried so much the last 6-7 episodes because of Derek's death. It was heart wrenching and awful and I still can't believe he was killed off.

I was freaking out when Meredith was pregnant and was afraid she was going to give up the baby for adoption like her mom. I was like NOOO that's a part of Derek! Don't let her go! But fortunately baby Ellis is still with mom.

It almost came full circle with Meredith leaving with the kids and now coming back to the house her mom left and Meredith is once again returning. I have no idea what Arizona's new situation will be like once Meredith moves back in, but I'm sure Meredith wouldn't mind having her there.

One of the issues I don't like about this show is how easily people move on. I mean in the sense that they move on from lover to lover. I mean obviously time has passed and I really don't have a sense of how many months/years have occurred since separation but geez. It also makes me question whether a person really is your true love and whether there are multiple people there out for you. Like Meredith said, "I can live without you, but I don't want to." So that wanting to make it work with that one person will sustain you, but yes there are multiple possibilities that your love life could take you. It's just all so confusing.

I don't think Catherine Avery and Dr. Webber's love life is compelling. I didn't think it was necessary but definitely tied in to the theme of this season. April and Jackson are a lost cause. On another note, the same time I hate the ease of people moving on quickly, I LIKE how they can make long distance relationships work (well sort of). It almost worked, and could work. Either way, point is, we want to make our loved ones feel happy and excel at what they do, but I think April was selfish and she should have considered Jackson's feelings and maybe at least asked him to come along so he wouldn't feel left behind. That would make more sense.

I'm excited for the new season. I'm glad Meredith took Maggie in, and that the three sisters are all living in the house. I think it's wonderful that Shonda is centering around this whole idea of family and love, when Meredith didn't start out with either of those. New season is coming soon. :D

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