Monday, June 24, 2013

The Voice x Michelle Chamuel | The Reverb Junkie

Current jam right now is Michelle's "While You're Young" and "All I Think of is Love." These songs are the beginning of my summer soundtrack along with Two Door Cinema Club's "Next Year" and Of Monsters and Men "Mountain Sound." I keep commenting on Michelle's insta and hoping to reach out to her to write more music because these are insanely good and she's amazingly talented. Yeah, I became a real stalker after she didn't win. I thoroughly enjoy listening to her interviews because she's so articulate and sounds very educated. Her humbleness is striking and the most attractive part about her. If only all musicians could be like her. But in retrospect, I'm kinda glad she didn't win. She's already had multiple opportunities to play and I think it was very deserving of Danielle to win because she has not gotten that experience yet. Plus, Michelle's fan base has already expanded and hopefully she will continue being independent. Seriously, I found love with her songs. Check it.


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