Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How hard it is to be yourself, better yet, being a woman.

As I was doing my daily dose of Michelle before I sleep, I came across a few articles and comments that were really striking to me. First off, being yourself should be the overall concept to convey in any interaction, whether it is a performance, a conversation, or a writing. Some people have a harder time finding who they are, and some people don't get there right away. But once they find who they are, then let them convey that. Secondly, it is much harder to be yourself and a woman because we are scrutinized for every detail about us. We don't wear enough make up or we don't dress sexy enough, we are being too outlandish, too outspoken, not domesticated enough. Being criticized for not being "out enough," do you ever hear people say that person wasn't straight enough? I understand the concept of having an idol to look up to, but when the overall message being conveyed is music and an artist, Michelle shouldn't be scrutinized for it, and I look up to her for it. Being herself whatever the critics may say. But Lady Gaga shouldn't be seen as any lesser because she's more extravagant and wears meat dresses. Her outfits are an art piece in themselves and those convey messages of what she stands for and who she is. For me, being myself is my hair and it's not because I want attention. I think there is a beauty to having different coloured hair and expressing who I am through that. I was driving the other day and a car sticker said, "Stop your bitching and get back in the kitchen." That put me in an outrage because men are labeling women as housewives and still putting them in a box of what they can be. If that's what a woman wants to be than fine, more power to her, but if she wants to be more than that, she should have the right to be that.

In Ellen's words, "Be Cool. Be Kind. Don't Judge." Let's make this a peaceful, judge free world.
With that final note, Michelle and Gaga need to make new music. We've all been waiting.


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