Thursday, November 29, 2012

Leg warmers and rain boots - Capelli New York Rainboots review

It's finally raining here which means I can bust out my rain boots! And it just occurred to me that I can wear anything I want during the rain because my boots will keep me dry as well as wearing leg warmers and long socks. It's so toasty. I have 5 pairs of leg warmers that haven't been used in years and I found a use for them again. They look like socks anyway, so if you want that long sock look and don't have long enough socks, they are great for creating that illusion. I bought my rain boots from Marshall's and they're perfect. I've never heard of the brand until I decided to look at the bottom of my boot and figured out where they came from. They aren't too flashy with many coloured prints and its not the patent black so they're very subtle and matte black. There is a belt that crosses the front that is like welded onto it but the buckle is real. The only pitfall of these boots is that the lining of the bottom isn't glued in, so it moves around in the boot when walking. I don't know what they're logic was when making these shoes because its super annoying. Even if you wanted to take them out since they're bothering you, it becomes to uncomfortable to walk without it. It's a love hate relationship. Plus, there's pink lining on the inside of the shaft, which gives it the perfect touch. Winter break is finally approaching any plans?

x brittniss

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