Tuesday, November 13, 2012

American Rag - Ikey, Over-the-knee Boot Review

Veteran's day brought a lot of sales, as it brought me my new boots! I was super stoked cause I looked at them before and they were priced at $99.95 and then the next day, it went down to 59.97 (or something like that). So I was like OMG! It's a sign! I must have them! Plus, I had an extra 20% off at Macy's. It became the perfect opportunity to buy them. The current sale price will be there until the 15th (11/15/12) in case you become interested in buying them. Let me say, I was drawn to them the minute I saw them. I first tried them on in the "Mushroom" colour and was fond of them, but mother dear wasn't to keen on the colour. I looked online and saw them in black and so I asked Macy's if they had them in black in store. AND THEY DID! I purchased them and wore them the next day. I don't know if it's just the shoes I own but I cannot zip the outter zipper even though the picture displayed on the website shows it can zip all the way. Anyway, they are super comfortable and I've been dying for a pair of boots that go over the knee. It's true to fit and they have an inside zipper to put them on. Also, they're lined on the inside to keep your legs warm, so long socks aren't really necessary. They are perfect for casual wear and leggings with a long shirt. I haven't tried them on with a dress yet, but I bet they would look great with that as well. I promise I will get a look with these boots on soon!

x Brittniss

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