Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blonde bitch + pink dye = Free As My Hair

Over the weekend I dyed my hair pink. It was a fun experience and let me say I love the results! I have been wanting to dye my hair this colour for quite awhile now but finally made the time to actually do it. So here are the products I used: Ion Colour Brilliance Brights, Suave Professionals Sleek Conditioner, Prism Lites Lighter, and Salom Care 30 Developer. The bleach asks for 20, but the beauty supply store recommended 30 because my hair is so dark. The instructions also advised to use Ion Colour Brilliance After Colour Treatment, but that didn't happen either due to the time I did this and because it was inconvenient to do so. I wouldn't say that it wouldn't help to buy it but it doesn't hurt not to either. The entire process took about 4.5 hours because my hair is long and because this was the first time bleaching my hair. You really dont need a "professional" to use this bleach because it is so user friendly. It also did not burn or smell as I have been warned, but my ahead did get hot because of the chemical reactions combusting on my head. Other than that it worked great! For long hair you will literally use the entire developer and half of the prism Lites. I would recommend starting with the crown first and work to the bottom if you want to do it all in one shot. Yes my hair did turn out a bit ombré because of this method but I didnt want to do 2 sessions of bleaching my hair. If you have the time and the patience by all means do 2 sessions and wash out the first section of hair when it reaches the colour you want. With that being said, I left the bleach it for about half and hour after completing the bottom layer of hair. I did not wash my hair after this process so this could also be why my hair turned out this colour. It was the weirdest feeling ever having blonde dried hair! I just wanted to be like Gaga and that bitch goes and changes her hair back to brown. Only joking. Anyway, so after rinsing the bleach out, I had to blow dry hair to begin the fun part....getting pink hair! So I mixed the conditioner and dye for a number of reasons. Firstly, I wanted a cotton candy pink and not a hot pink, so once again I was instructed by the beauty supply workers to add conditioner to lighten the colour. Secondly, 2 boxes of dye did NOT look like it would be enough to colour my entire head. Thus, I added conditioner to get more...yay! I added colour to the roots before adding dye to the entire strand to ensure that I would have enough dye to colour my head and in the end it worked out! My hair was super soft and I got light pink hair. I left it in for half an hour after doing my entire head but I would say it doesn't hurt to leave the dye in longer since it is dye and not as invasive as bleach. I love being a pink head! But here's the hair grows super fast. I literally dyed it 4 days ago and you can already see the black hair growing back in. I am so devasted! But you know what that means...I get to do it all over again! Woo. And if you really think I did this by myself that wasn't the case, I had 2 people working on my hair and I would NEVER attempt this on my own. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below.
Cheers to pink hair!

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