Friday, October 31, 2014

Elizabeth Mott Tint & Sass | Cherry

This is the first time I've ever tried a lip stain and sorry to say I am very disappointed in the product. I love the color as it really reflective of a cherry red but it quickly fades within a matter of minutes. I kid you not. It looks perfect when you apply it and slowly fades.

Would definitely recommend to make their formula better but maintain their color.
I would not personally buy it and I wouldn't recommend buying it without testing it first.

Pacifica Natural Water-Proof Eye Pencil Review | Fringe

I'm not a huge fan of pencil eyeliners to begin with so I really want to like this product. Unfortunately my eye shape doesn't allow me to wear pencil eyeliner because it gets on my eyelid and my eyeballs sweat so much that it comes right off.

I wouldn't say it's "waterproof" although when I put it on my arm it was more resistant than when I applied it to my eyes. My eyelids sweat it right off even after applying primer potion.

I love the color, but once again I'd love it more if it was liquid. It's like really deep mocha color.

Wouldn't personally buy it but I would definitely recommend it to anyone who does use pencil.

DIY Anna Costume (Frozen) | Last Minute Halloween Ideas!

I absolutely love how this costume turned out and I didn't think it'd match so well. Unfortunately I didn't have the floral details as Anna, but I think it is a good representation of her dress. I like when I can put together items I already own to make a costume because this way I can wear the clothes aside from Halloween. Plus it saves money. :D

Top - Forever 21
Dress - Windsor
Boots - Urban Outfitters

Lipgloss - Starlooks
Eyeliner - Pacifica in Fringe
Eyeshadow - Clinique
Foundation - Cargo Picture Perfect CC Cream (Review:
Blush - MAC eyeshadow

Friday, October 24, 2014

GRWM & OOTN Feat. The Mechanical Bull Tour

Talk about one of the hottest nights of October. No joke it felt like Palms Springs summer in Hollywood on an October night. It's unbelievable how how it was. I was anticipating to wear tights and socks but it didn't even get cool enough for me to want to put on either of the items. I got seats down in the box area which was a totally different experience from up in the bleachers. Either way, the Bowl is very tightly packed and even though you get more space down in the boxes, the chairs are still RIGHT next to each other. Luckily the other people in our box didn't end up showing up so it was quite comfy.

I was drawn to this concert since I'm a Young the Giant fan and knew that Kings of Leon played well live, so it seemed only common sense to go. I wish I had went to the Irvine show because YTG had a longer set and that's who I mainly came to see. So bummed they only played for like 40 min. It seemed really odd to me that they would be an opener since they've had headline shows themselves. They didn't even play half the songs I thought they'd play and I must say I enjoyed my last concert with them at the OC Country Fair much better. It was cool to see Kings of Leon but I pretty much only knew like three songs so it wasn't as enjoyable as I thought it'd be. Guess I should learn lyrics before I see shows huh?

And Christ Martin showed up. I think this is the closest to a Coldplay concert I will ever be.

The make up was inspired by Gaga's. I wish I could get it to look half as good as hers and when I finished I thought it looked similar and then I looked at the picture again and I was like not even close.

This could be due to our eye shape and that she has a professional make-up artist doing her face. Also, it looks like she has gel liner and went heavier on the black. Must try it again.

Cargo Cosmetics Picture Perfect CC Cream Review + Demo

I haven't worn any sort of face make up in ages, so using this CC Cream made me very excited because even though I'm not fully knowledgeable in the differences between all the different kinds of creams (BB vs. CC vs. DD), I feel like any thing with those in it, makes the product okay to use on my skin.

This is word for word used from :
"CARGO _HD Picture Perfect CC Cream SPF 20 is formulated to hydrate, smooth and conceal complexion flaws for a natural and radiant look. Color-adapting pigments provide perfect coverage to visibly minimize the appearance blemishes, discoloration spots or any other imperfection. Sodium hyaluronate binds moisture and helps fill in fine lines and wrinkles while spf protection shields against sun damage."

So with that being said, I have all those issues mentioned above so having coverage that improves those issues makes me a very happy camper. I got my sample from Ulta (the one's the come from ordering online, picked 3 random samples and I received this product!). At first I thought, this is a measly little sample but the term "a little goes a long way" really applies to this product. So I ended up getting another container to put the rest of the sample in it to reuse again. I probably put at max half of a pea size on my finger to cover my entire face. The first time I used it, I put WAY too much not realizing how much coverage it has so I didn't like it at first. But after using it repeatedly for the last few days, I'm quite happy with it. I received it in the color Medium so luckily it matches really well. I was skeptical at first because it was like a white color but once I applied it to my face it instantly becomes skin color. I also like that it has SPF, all make up products should have SPF in it (in my opinion) to protect you from the sun. I haven't been breaking out from it (SO FAR) so I am definitely considering to buy it as my main foundation, which is really exciting because I've been waiting to finally use make up again because I'm always afraid make up will make me break out. Anyway, check out the pictures and demo below.

Friday, October 17, 2014

RE: 24 Trends Guys HATE But Women Love Right now

Everything is totally wrong with the comments on this. It's okay that they dislike the trends but their comments are so assholey it's rude. I am offended.

At first I was like okay, I can agree with some of the stuff (e.g., peplum shirts and wedge sneakers, I personally just don't care for them but I'm not going to criticize any person who wishes to wear them), but then criticizing high-waisted anything, fake nails, bright lipstick and "Too High heels", it feels like they're threatened by a strong woman. It sounds domineering and anti-feminine. Get over yourself.

Few of the pet peeves.

High Waisted Jeans and Mom comment - are you trying to criticize mom's then for wearing that type of clothing? It's like trying to insult a mom.

Ulta High Heels - are you threatened by a woman who's taller than you?

The Pant Suit - By all means, if it makes her feel confident when she goes to work, let her rock it.

Criticizing the Drop-Crotch pants? So it's okay for men to wear their pants that low but not okay for women? Okay hypocrites.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

First Impressions | Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair!

Let's get something straight here.
How the heck am I supposed to repair my hair with such a tiny container of product?

I literally used the whole thing in one use. So much for repairing my hair. -__-
Although it claims to be a "repairing mask for dry, damaged, or chemically-treated hair", my hair does not feel any better and actually feels worse after using it.
Unless you're telling me my hair is beyond treatment, it didn't work. I ended up using conditioner after leaving this hair mask in and it still doesn't feel any better. It literally feels like the last bit of life was sucked out of my hair.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pür Foundation Review | Light

As you may or may not have known, I have acne prone skin and so finding a good foundation that doesn't cause breakouts has been a struggle for me. Since early January of this year, I stopped using any face make up products in fear of causing irritation on my skin and thus causing me to breakout. I've finally got to a point in my skin journey where my skin is not quite clear but much better than it has been in years. I get occasional breakouts but the redness is mostly gone. On my mission to finding a new foundation. I went to Ulta to get new samples but unfortunately they don't give samples any more. So I sat there and the worker put the PÜR foundation on me because the one I was interested in (derma brand something) was remodeling their packaging and said that probably feel heavy on my skin. She said that PÜR had great coverage and felt light on the skin. I must say it did feel light, covered all my acne scars, and it felt very mattified. So touching it after application was immovable. I thought Light was too light for me but after wearing it throughout the day and letting it mix with my natural oils did it finally look okay. I haven't tried it again but from this one instance, I feel sold on this product. Let me know your thoughts and whether it's good for acne prone skin. 


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Greatest discovery ever

Did you know that any music you buy through Amazon automatically comes with a free MP3 download?! This is the best invention ever. You'll have to download the Amazon Music App for Mac (if you're using Mac), but it's easy and exports directly to iTunes. I'm in love.