Thursday, November 29, 2012

Leg warmers and rain boots - Capelli New York Rainboots review

It's finally raining here which means I can bust out my rain boots! And it just occurred to me that I can wear anything I want during the rain because my boots will keep me dry as well as wearing leg warmers and long socks. It's so toasty. I have 5 pairs of leg warmers that haven't been used in years and I found a use for them again. They look like socks anyway, so if you want that long sock look and don't have long enough socks, they are great for creating that illusion. I bought my rain boots from Marshall's and they're perfect. I've never heard of the brand until I decided to look at the bottom of my boot and figured out where they came from. They aren't too flashy with many coloured prints and its not the patent black so they're very subtle and matte black. There is a belt that crosses the front that is like welded onto it but the buckle is real. The only pitfall of these boots is that the lining of the bottom isn't glued in, so it moves around in the boot when walking. I don't know what they're logic was when making these shoes because its super annoying. Even if you wanted to take them out since they're bothering you, it becomes to uncomfortable to walk without it. It's a love hate relationship. Plus, there's pink lining on the inside of the shaft, which gives it the perfect touch. Winter break is finally approaching any plans?

x brittniss

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Electric Holiday Video Review

If you haven't seen what Barney's and Disney put together, check out the link below!

Disney and Barney's New York Presents "Electric Holiday"

It's better than I imagined! Even Gaga was in it! They did a great job with re-creating the characters. I am not sure if that was due to the petitioning of the images, but I absolutely loved the video. Minnie is truly adorable and it doesn't change the way I view Minnie Mouse at all. She's a fashion icon of her own with the prominent large bow and white bloomers under her dress. Truthfully, I'm surprised there hasn't been any attack on the way Princess Tiana and Snow White were perceived because their characters were already pretty thin already. They lengthened their legs and thinned their faces, at least noticeably for Snow White. I am not sure if that is due to current animation and perception of her because she was developed back in the 1930s. Anyway on the brighter side, Daisy's outfit was my favorite on the runway. They did such an amazing job of animating real people, I was able to distinguish each person as they were introduce in the video. It was quite fun picking them out. The direction was perfect. Focusing on Minnie Mouse (versus Mickey) was crucial, and it is almost empowering that it was Minnie's time to shine. However, I did feel it was kind of perpetuating the Disney idea of needing a man to make your life happy, since Mickey was the one who actually purchased the dress for her. Sorry to be a kill joy! I know it's supposed to be cute that her boyfriend/husband thought of her and bought something for her but at the same time I see that view as well. With that being said, I can't wait to see the collection. Hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did.

x Brittniss

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

GUESS Shoes - Mally Wedge Boots Review

I've been a fan of Guess heels for awhile now. Majority of my heels are Guess and I can only complain about one pair that came out about 4 years ago. It was their sparkly pump with the pointed toe (I apologize I don't know the exact name of the shoe, I'm sure I have the box somewhere). They're usually pretty comfortable and I can wear them all day. Also at this Macy's sale, I came across Mally Wedge Boots. They were also comfortable and the colour is fabulous! It's perfectly tan-ish beige, and I've never really seen that colour before on boots and thought they were super cute. Their pretty casual looking as well so I would recommend them for daily wear or if you wanted to wear them with a more dressy outfit, but I wouldn't say formal. The wedge is about 2.5 inches (I'm guessing cause I forgot) which makes them easy to walk in. Guess fits true to size and this is no exception. This boot is a great addition to add to your collection of shoes. Shoe tip of the day: if your first reaction when putting on a shoe is uncomfortability, DO NOT BUY! It's not worth the pain and money to spend on these shoes. Trust me, I get hooked on a pair of shoes and obsess over them until I try them on. If they hurt me from just standing in them, they aren't for me. Hope this helps.

X brittniss

American Rag - Ikey, Over-the-knee Boot Review

Veteran's day brought a lot of sales, as it brought me my new boots! I was super stoked cause I looked at them before and they were priced at $99.95 and then the next day, it went down to 59.97 (or something like that). So I was like OMG! It's a sign! I must have them! Plus, I had an extra 20% off at Macy's. It became the perfect opportunity to buy them. The current sale price will be there until the 15th (11/15/12) in case you become interested in buying them. Let me say, I was drawn to them the minute I saw them. I first tried them on in the "Mushroom" colour and was fond of them, but mother dear wasn't to keen on the colour. I looked online and saw them in black and so I asked Macy's if they had them in black in store. AND THEY DID! I purchased them and wore them the next day. I don't know if it's just the shoes I own but I cannot zip the outter zipper even though the picture displayed on the website shows it can zip all the way. Anyway, they are super comfortable and I've been dying for a pair of boots that go over the knee. It's true to fit and they have an inside zipper to put them on. Also, they're lined on the inside to keep your legs warm, so long socks aren't really necessary. They are perfect for casual wear and leggings with a long shirt. I haven't tried them on with a dress yet, but I bet they would look great with that as well. I promise I will get a look with these boots on soon!

x Brittniss

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk Lita and Freda Review

So who is not in love with these shoes?! They are absolutely so comfortable for being a 6+ inch heel. I don't own either of these but have been eyeing them since summer. Every time I find the Night Walk Lita on sale, it's always sold out! Especially my size! 7 is so freakin common. I love the Freda ones as well. Even though they look very similar to the Damsel, I think the colour and style of it is very different and gives an entirely different look of the Damsel. The Night Walk Lita is actually so easy to walk in. It's kind of thrilling to think you're walking without a heel. I'd definitely own both shoes if I could. Happy Friday!

x Brittniss