Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Downtown Las Vegas and Four Queens Hotel and Casino

This was my first time staying in Downtown Las Vegas (at least from what I recall). There are 9 casinos in this area and I stopped by each even though I didn't play in all of them. Four Queens perks are only good if you book a stay with them and if you plan to play a lot. Otherwise I wouldn't recommend opening a players card here. (Before I continue on, I am unsure of how this point system works with all the hotels. So if you know how to use it ignore my comments.) I would recommend Golden Nugget and Binions players card because they offer decent perks. Golden Nugget allows you to get a free spin to win miscellaneous items (ranging from a donut to $1,000 in cash, and yes I would be the one to win a free Dunkin Donut). Binions allows you to get a free Ace for Black Jack and $10 match play ONLY if you're a new member. So it sucks for people who already have one, so I was fortunate enough to get to experience those perks. Your money definitely goes a lot farther here in Downtown than on the strip. My favorite slot machine is the Hangover one so it's only 25 cents to play (found in The D and I think the Golden Gate) so that made me super happy. I find the progressive games to be the most fun. If you want to gamble, this is the place to come.

ONLY downside about this area is just around the corner is a really unsafe area of town. I had no idea that it was common for gunshots in this area, so clearly I didn't get the joke when I went to the Neon Museum that if you here "pop pop" sounds it all a part of the tour. Unfortunately I can't share the photos from the Neon Museum as there for my own "personal use". Sorry guys. Anyway, I'd highly recommend going to this if you're really into the history of Las Vegas. Some tips I'd change about the tour: Although it is only an hour, I feel it should be longer. I know it's not a large boneyard but to fully experience the guided tour and take pictures at the same time is hard to do so. I didn't hear half of the information the tour-guide explained because I was so focused on taking pictures.

Four Queens Stay: It was definitely a decent stay. Although their housekeeping needs to get their shit together. WHY IS IT SO DUSTY IN THE ROOMS?! Like my remote, phone, and lamps were covered in dust. It felt like someone hadn't used the room in weeks although everything else was spotless.  Not sure why this is the case. The toilets may not flush so that was weird cause the fluids would disappear but not the toilet paper? And the bathroom light is super noisy because it has a fan for when you shower. Not my favorite so I tried to minimize bathroom light usage. Obviously didn't stay in the room much because I was out an about on Fremont street. I'd like to try other hotels before I'd stay here again. Check out the room tour below:

I did experience difficulties with this online site called Kayak who's affiliated with Get a Room. The front desk woman even expressed that Expedia is the best for those types of things and we surely found on how much they are unorganized. We were supposed to get $15 food and beverage credit but we couldn't get it because Get a Room didn't send the paperwork regarding our credit so obviously the hotel can't grant it without it. Ruby the front desk manager was very accommodating and tried to help us but Kayak/Get a Room literally was so delayed in sending the information Four Queens needed to get us our credit. After speaking with Sandy from Get a Room she told us that Victor from Escalations was going to call Ruby (Four Queens) or send her the information, which didn't happen and made us very upset. Would definitely not book a room through this website. Ruby was nice enough to give us breakfast vouchers but man, this is unacceptable. You can't offer something on your website and not grant it. ESPECIALLY if there is an exchange of money and confirmation you sent to your customer. Not impressed.

Anyway, more to come on my Vegas vacation. Stay tuned for information about my stay at Encore!


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