Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Avalon Organics Lavender Toner + Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub Review

Not sure if I like this toner. Definitely not a fan of the smell. I do like the fact that it's organic and you can buy while your grocery shopping at your local Sprouts Farmers Market. It was recommended to me by a dermatologist and I haven't experienced anything amazingly different in my skin aside from the fact that it is a new regiment.

I do really like the scrub though. It really makes my skin feel super soft after using it. I would like more beads in it to get the feel that I'm scrubbing the crap off my face but that's just a personal thing. It's probably better there's less of that anyway because I scrub so hard at my face. This one I didn't notice a smell to it and I'd only use an amount that would fit on the tip of your finger (at least from experience). I feel like if you use too much it's wasting it but I haven't figured out yet if it's best to apply first without water or apply WITH water. Between this one and the Clinique one I've discussed before, I'm kind torn between the two because Clinique feels more beady and has salicylic acid but the Avalon Scrub is organic and feels like I've had a honey scrub on. So try both.

 Let me know what your thoughts are on both these products. xx

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