Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Victoria's Secret PINK Yoga Legging Review

LOVE THESE. At first I thought these were so overhyped because they were everywhere, but they're really a staple in my wardrobe. They're really so comfortable and they have the band that gives it that extra flare compared to regular leggings. Yes, I totally agree they're expensive but if you get a deal on them BUY THEM! Like when they're on sale or if you have a coupon $10 off or something, go get a pair! I would highly recommend to not get the "Bling" ones because one they're expensive, two I hate dealing with anything that might possibly fall off on my clothing cause I have OCD and won't wear it if there's something missing off the item and three, because stuff will fall off you SHOULD hand wash them, unless you have a handwash cycle, which is still a pain since you have to collect a bunch of hand wash items so you're not wasting detergent. But that's my opinions and little rant. But you do you.


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