Monday, September 16, 2013

Homecoming Dress Shopping at Windsor!

Dress #1
I LOVE BLUE! As if you couldn't tell already with my blue hair, but there's something about a dark blue that makes things so pretty. Like this dress. Showing off the back always appeared elegant to me so this V back opening is not too sexy while showing a little off, but still classy. Drapey/peacock earrings and bangles would perfect accessorize this as well
I couldn't find the actual link to this dress but here is a similar one. Silver colored shoes would bring out the sequins of the upper part of this dress.

Dress #2
Perfect for mermaid related events! I would totally pair it with a tiara and for those of you who get nominated, this would be your dress. You can wear the tiara and not look to flaunty. Shelled accessories would bring out the mermaid look. Honestly, I would wear my Damsels or Nightwalk Lita's with this dress.
Dress #3
If you're daring enough to wear red, I really like this one. Because red is already a bold color, the simpleness of this dress is very nice. The dress I tried on had gold detailing but the one in the link appears to be silver, so whichever color it is for you, matching it with the same accessories would work. Nude or black heels would probably be best.
Dress #4
FAVORITE ONE YET! This one totally caught my eye when I was looking for dresses and the best part about it is that is has straps! No need to worry about anything falling down. Champagne doesn't work for all skin type unfortunately, and I was afraid that it would blend too much with my skin, but it was not an issue. This dress comes in other colors without the glitter/sparkle so it's more muted, but I adore the champagne with the glitter. I would wear mint or red heels with this dress and accessories to match the heels or any metallic colors.

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