Thursday, February 28, 2013

Victoria's Secret PINK Spring Break Collection

As I have mentioned before, I'm obsessed with the PINK brand. I love everything that it stands for as far as being the younger less sexier side of Victoria's Secret. ANYWAY, who else died from the spring break collection? I literally bought as many things as I could afford for the time being and still contemplating on their swimwear. I bought the blue tunic with the cutout sides and the slouchy crew neck shirt in gray and pink. Yes, I will eventually buy more when the stuff goes on sale but this is just a starter. The tunic, you might have to go a size down because I normally wear a size small but thought the x small looked better. But the new collection meant other things went on sale. So I finally bought the light weight sweater I've been looking at for months and I got a free phone case and underwear. Yay free stuff. The light weight sweater is long in the waist but fits perfectly in the arms so if you're not a fan of that don't buy it. Let me know what you think of the collection.

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