Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Steve Madden Troopa Boot Review

Happy new year! I got the Troopa boots for Christmas and they are the perfect combat boot. They aren't too ornate or fit to a particular style. I got them in brown and now my mom says I should have bought both colours. Thanks a lot mom.

Anyway, so far they're good but like a majority of my boots they out holes in my socks. It's quite frustrating. I'm just hoping that the reason why most of them do that it because they aren't worn in. So when wearing these boots wear old socks! Unless you're trying to go for the slouchy look, I'd put legwarmers instead just to prevent holes in your socks. They pinch a bit when walking right where it creases. I'm not sure if that will also go away with wear, but I hope they do. Other than that they are a pretty comfortable fit, even for walking. They have a zipper so you don't have to lace them every time you put them on, which is a plus for me cause I'm always rushing out places and barely out my shoes on. Hope your holiday is well.


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