Monday, May 7, 2012


I love Glee. I love everything it stands for in terms of giving people rights and introducing issues that some people do not know exist. Yet, there are some stances that I think contradict themselves. I don’t appreciate some of the choreography that sexualizes the actresses. Regardless what the song is implying, the choreography is sending all the wrong messages to women and girls who watch the show. Then there is the constant bullying and rivalry amongst Sue and Roz. Yes some rivalry is healthy to some extent, but it’s perpetuating the constant cycle of being bulled. Lastly, tagging in the bathroom? Really? Do teens do that in school? Yeah, probably.. But to instill this in teens mines and making it okay for television, reinforces the idea that they can get away with it in real life.
Let’s analyze the latest show - Choke. Watch it here:
The music was beautiful. Their rendition of “Shake It Out” was incredibly moving and Glee raised awareness of domestic violence, which I have discussed in a previous posting. Let me just say, Beiste should not have given Cooter a second chance! Hello! The first hit was signs of getting out. Don’t create excuses for your spouses abusive behavior. Get out! There is help who provide shelters and can help with a fresh start.
I'm glad they instilled the idea of having Puck graduate. The boys of the Glee got together in efforts to help him pass his last class when he lost hope in himself and wanted to drop out of high school.
Earlier in the show, it displays Puck singing “Schools Out For Summer,” and there are the cheerleaders being overtly sexualized and parents are not criticizing Glee for this? Look at the movements and judge for yourself.
Later, Tina, Brittany, Santana, Candy, and Mercedes sing “Cell Block Tango.” Once again, I understand this is a sexual broadway, but teenagers are watching this writers! They are watching the way these girls dance and will do this to get attention. Not all the dancing is sexualized. The choreography for "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" was artistic and fun.
Am I overanalyzing this? Glee seems to do just as much good with the same amount of bad. Maybe their writers should reanalyze their scripts? Or just modify the finer details that are not necessary?

I hope this blog gets to the right people.

But for those of you who came for the look, parks are great places to shoot photos, but I apologize that this was look was for the greater scheme of things.
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