Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tie-dyed Easter eggs..

I've never really been a fan of tie-dye, even though the art of it is fun, wearing it is another story. I do like the way these eggs came out. Just simple PAAM egg dye combined with vinegar and you're all set to go. I don't remember dying eggs being this intricate, but it came with a plastic container and a white cloth that helped the dye set in. At first I thought the cloth was useless, but it turned how to be very useful and created very interesting patterns. I wanted to create my own clothing with the rest of the dye, but there definitely was not enough to cover one sleeve. I think the composition of the dye with the vinegar would have turned out nicely. Too bad. Maybe I'll stock up next Easter just to have the days to try on a garment.

Has anyone else tried this? Enjoy.

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