Thursday, November 27, 2014

Lash Out Butterfly Mascara Review

The packaging. I'm just a fan overall of L'oreal's thin brushes and fine bristles. It's easier to control and I feel it makes my eyelashes longer. Yes I could be suffering from a placebo effect but hey, whatever works right?

This is what the brush looks like. I'd recommend longest side down, so as your pulling at your lashes the longer side is dragging along.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lush Review | Hottie Massage Bar,en_US,pd.html#start=4
Fiercely in love with the massage bars at Lush. Like I'm not a person who gets super extravagant with personal body care and spend a lot of money to pamper myself but these are an exception. I can use it on myself and they allow the skin to move for a longer period of time than just lotion and it isn't messy like massage oils.

I'd advise you to leave it in your refrigerator but in a place where it can be put by itself because your food will start to smell like the bar if you leave it too close to it. The bumps obviously melt away after a lot of use so I wish the bumps were deeper into the bar/taller or something so that it doesn't become a flat brick after using it. It reminds me of lego pieces. :)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Noir et Blanc | A Silent Film Featuring Asos Sequin Maxi Dress

Seriously so in love with this dress. I cannot begin to express how much I'm in love with this dress. It's super simple but so perfectly designed it compliments my body structure perfectly. The slight down the side sounds weird, but trust me it's just works. It's not as plunging as I thought it would be which is great news because I don't have to find some special bra to wear with it. I'm a true size 4 for Asos and I'm 5'2" so 3 inch heels (AT LEAST) are necessary to wear this dress. Check it out in action.

ANDDD I was fortunate enough to get it from Spylight! Spencer actually wore this dress in black in an earlier PLL episode. It was gorgeous on her and I knew I had to get the same! I was a little disappointed to find out I accidentally picked it in Oxblood but couldn't be more happier with the accident! The color is gorgeous.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pier 76 Review | Long Beach, CA

Ever since I had a lobster roll at Joan's on 3rd, I've been searching for a comparable one because their's is only sold on certain days/seasonal whatever it is. It's seriously, the best thing I've ever tasted. OKAY not the BEST thing I've ever tasted but really freakin good. It was totally worth the price and the bread was perfect. It perfectly held in everything and didn't get soggy. POINT IS! Pier 76 is absolutely not comparable. The lobster was the best part of it and I wish the bread didn't get soggy at the bottom. Everything in my roll fell out of it and I didn't eat the soggy bits. The sour creme, tomato and bacon were a bit odd. It didn't make it taste particularly better but I would't recommend them changing it only because it's unique to their shop. The lobster roll was decently priced so I guess I can't complain, but the bread though. That needs to be fixed. There's garage parking that's validated but I'm not sure how many hours it covers because the day I went people were fixing the gates and so the guy pretty much just asked how long we were there when I handed him my validation and he told me I could go ahead and go. So if anyone has better information about that please share.
 Served in a metal thing they'd serve tacos in, along with a fork in case you drop the goods.
 Seating area, also outdoor seating.
Best thing about coming here is a free lemonade if you check-in on yelp. Not sure how long that'll last.
Order Here.
Front of store and outdoor seating.

#LUSHoween | Lord of Misrule x Wizard,en_US,pd.html#start=14

This is one of my favorite bombs so far because of the color it ends up being. Don't be fooled by its green exterior, it's actually this gorgeous wine color. It makes me feel super elegant and comfortable. I must say I haven't found any of the scents to be appalling and genuinely enjoy each product.,en_US,pd.html#q=wizard&start=1

I mixed this with Wizard which made the bath absolutely perfect. There were light pearly swirls floating around. It literally looked like Unicorn hair floating around the bathtub. One of my favorite cocktails so far.

Both products were purchased by myself and the opinions of this blog are always my own.

Pictures of my perfect water.
It looks like I can drink it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

#LUSHoween | Sparkly Pumpkin x Fizzbanger

So this one is currently out of stock and I don't know what the status of it is in stores. This little nugget is actually super powerful. I'd highly recommend breaking this bubble bar in half to use twice, and if you're really skilled break it into 3 pieces. It's actually not as glittery as I had anticipated when it broke down. It was super sparkly when I touched it prior to putting it into the water but wasn't as noticeable when it's in the water. Wish they had their holiday products year round! I'd definitely buy again.

I mixed it with Fizzbanger which made my bath super yellowy. Not a fan of the color although it smelled nice.
 See how frothy the Sparkly Pumkpin is? I definitely wasted it by using the whole thing.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Elizabeth Mott you're so FINE Eyeliner | November Glam Bag

I've been needing a new eyeliner so this coming in the my bag couldn't have been any better timing. I love how well it stays on and how thick it is. Sometimes liquid eyeliner is too watery and it just looks sloppy, but this one is quite heavy and pigmented. Even though there are glitter flakes in there, it's not overwhelming and it's REALLY black. Good job Elizabeth Mott. I'm a fan.

Monday, November 3, 2014

DIY Kim Possible Outfit/Costume

KP was seriously one of the best female role models growing up who balanced a perfect combination of social life, school, and saving the world. No big right? Not only was she badass, but her parents were too. Mrs. Possible being a brain surgeon, Mr. Possible being a rocket scientist and Nana Possible being a freakin aviatrix (female pilot). And although her parents were well renown and made a lot of money Kim worked for everything she ever wanted such as all her connections when traveling and working a Beuno Nacho for a Club Banana jacket. If there was one Disney Channel show I couldn't live without, it'd hands down be Kim Possible.

Turtle Neck - Forever 21
Corduroy Jeans - H&M
Air Soft bag - borrowed
Booties - Urban Outfitters
Gloves - Halloween Store

Used two lipsticks:
Viva Glam Gaga 2
RiRi Loves Mac Nude