Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pier 76 Review | Long Beach, CA

Ever since I had a lobster roll at Joan's on 3rd, I've been searching for a comparable one because their's is only sold on certain days/seasonal whatever it is. It's seriously, the best thing I've ever tasted. OKAY not the BEST thing I've ever tasted but really freakin good. It was totally worth the price and the bread was perfect. It perfectly held in everything and didn't get soggy. POINT IS! Pier 76 is absolutely not comparable. The lobster was the best part of it and I wish the bread didn't get soggy at the bottom. Everything in my roll fell out of it and I didn't eat the soggy bits. The sour creme, tomato and bacon were a bit odd. It didn't make it taste particularly better but I would't recommend them changing it only because it's unique to their shop. The lobster roll was decently priced so I guess I can't complain, but the bread though. That needs to be fixed. There's garage parking that's validated but I'm not sure how many hours it covers because the day I went people were fixing the gates and so the guy pretty much just asked how long we were there when I handed him my validation and he told me I could go ahead and go. So if anyone has better information about that please share.
 Served in a metal thing they'd serve tacos in, along with a fork in case you drop the goods.
 Seating area, also outdoor seating.
Best thing about coming here is a free lemonade if you check-in on yelp. Not sure how long that'll last.
Order Here.
Front of store and outdoor seating.

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