Tuesday, November 26, 2013

You should be ashamed of yourselves.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Avon Lipstick - Poppy Love Review

I've never tried Avon lipstick before but I received it as a gift. I actually really love this lipstick! The color is highly pigmented and so colorful! It's red color with a hint of orange. I wore it all day and I didn't reapply. The longer you wear it, the more likely it will become more orange due to fading. Check out my videos with it on so you can see if you like it for yourself!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Ion Color Brilliance Brights Purple Review

The purple has yet come out the most even, probably because this is the first time I had enough dye. For long hair you need 5-6 tubes of it. I had 8 just in case. Even though it came out even, as the days have been passing I've noticed different parts of my hair are different shades of purple. Like the under part (even though I bleached the whole head) came out to like a darker purple with shades of blue in it and the top part of my hair is probably the truest purple with some strands are are already lightening up. But I will update you on how it fades. Of pink, blue, and purple, I like the blue best. Only because for me, purple closely resembled black and it didn't make me feel magical. It's a beautiful color though, but I think so far blue bests suits me. Oh yeah, I used the whole tub of the Powder Lightener because I bleached my head twice to get the blue/green out of my hair. Of course there's pigmentation of the colors but I got it washed out enough to put the purple over it. It's definitely more holiday related since people generally do darker hair colors for the fall. Purple does not stain the shower as bad as blue. Honestly, I didn't even see it in the grout of the tiles and I don't think it came off on the towel. However, it does bleed when you wash it so obviously water will probably make it bleed so avoid the rain! At least until it stops bleeding from showering. Don't forget to check out the other colors! Navigate through the blog to find them or look under the different months. They've got their own titles.


Saturday, November 2, 2013


I had no idea this make up would come out so similarly. I'm so proud of myself. I think a peachier lipstick would have worked better. Check out the materials below.

Charcoal Eyeshadow - MAC Cosmetics
Brown Eyeshadows - Clinique
Lipstick - RiRi Hearts MAC in Nude (MAC Cosmetics)
Liquid Foundation - MAC Cosmetics
Powder Foundation - Clinique
Telescopic Mascara - L'Oreal
Pencil Eyeliner - 24/7 Urban Decay

Friday, November 1, 2013


So much to share with you all! I entered in a BlackMilk x Lookbook contest with my costume.

Completely made it up on the spot just thinking of what I could put together last minute.
I love the way these shots came out with the shadows, they just weren't clear enough for Lookbook.

White undershirt - Forever 21
Denim Dress - Daily Look
Giant Bow - Self Made
White Socks - Not sure
Damsels - Jeffrey Campbell

Make Up
Alice in Wonderland Palette - Alice, Rabbit, and Jabberwocky
Eyeliner - L'oreal
Telescopic Mascara - L'oreal
Liquid Foundation - MAC Cosmetics
Powder Foundation - Clinique
Rebel Lipstick - MAC Cosmetics