Friday, June 28, 2013

Ella Riot

Who else is totally bummed that the Reverb Junkie's tracks have been suspended because of too much traffic! I totally saw that crap first! Just kidding.

I've been looking into her band's music and I'm totally digging the music. Unfortunately they've disbanded/on hiatus. It's so catchy, fun, and dancey. Really enjoying "Karma" and "It could be." I really like the concept for how they created the name, with Ella meaning "torch/light"and "riot" being a group of people coming together. Well don't quote me just look it up yourself.

I apologize for the blog being more music based at the moment. I haven't been inspired by fashion lately.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How hard it is to be yourself, better yet, being a woman.

As I was doing my daily dose of Michelle before I sleep, I came across a few articles and comments that were really striking to me. First off, being yourself should be the overall concept to convey in any interaction, whether it is a performance, a conversation, or a writing. Some people have a harder time finding who they are, and some people don't get there right away. But once they find who they are, then let them convey that. Secondly, it is much harder to be yourself and a woman because we are scrutinized for every detail about us. We don't wear enough make up or we don't dress sexy enough, we are being too outlandish, too outspoken, not domesticated enough. Being criticized for not being "out enough," do you ever hear people say that person wasn't straight enough? I understand the concept of having an idol to look up to, but when the overall message being conveyed is music and an artist, Michelle shouldn't be scrutinized for it, and I look up to her for it. Being herself whatever the critics may say. But Lady Gaga shouldn't be seen as any lesser because she's more extravagant and wears meat dresses. Her outfits are an art piece in themselves and those convey messages of what she stands for and who she is. For me, being myself is my hair and it's not because I want attention. I think there is a beauty to having different coloured hair and expressing who I am through that. I was driving the other day and a car sticker said, "Stop your bitching and get back in the kitchen." That put me in an outrage because men are labeling women as housewives and still putting them in a box of what they can be. If that's what a woman wants to be than fine, more power to her, but if she wants to be more than that, she should have the right to be that.

In Ellen's words, "Be Cool. Be Kind. Don't Judge." Let's make this a peaceful, judge free world.
With that final note, Michelle and Gaga need to make new music. We've all been waiting.


Monday, June 24, 2013

UNIF Hellbounds

I've always wanted colourful heels, especially pink pumps. But I've recently expanded my little girly style and think these would fit me better. UNFORTUNATELY, they're out of stock everywhere! Figures my luck would escape me. Or my style is just finally catching up with what was already in style, since I've finally found what that is and what I think fits me best. I guess dying my hair really helped make that transition. Really I feel most like me. Let me know what you think of these because I haven't had the chance to try them on. Hope summer is treating you nicely.



Love these pieces by Burberry. I really wasn't into the metallic trenches, but the more I look at them the more I like them. I really like all the colours because they each have their own flare to them. I guess it really just matches with my hair that's why I like it so much. The dress is beautiful but I think I would be too short to rock it. But I guess that's why they make six inch heels.


The Voice x Michelle Chamuel | The Reverb Junkie

Current jam right now is Michelle's "While You're Young" and "All I Think of is Love." These songs are the beginning of my summer soundtrack along with Two Door Cinema Club's "Next Year" and Of Monsters and Men "Mountain Sound." I keep commenting on Michelle's insta and hoping to reach out to her to write more music because these are insanely good and she's amazingly talented. Yeah, I became a real stalker after she didn't win. I thoroughly enjoy listening to her interviews because she's so articulate and sounds very educated. Her humbleness is striking and the most attractive part about her. If only all musicians could be like her. But in retrospect, I'm kinda glad she didn't win. She's already had multiple opportunities to play and I think it was very deserving of Danielle to win because she has not gotten that experience yet. Plus, Michelle's fan base has already expanded and hopefully she will continue being independent. Seriously, I found love with her songs. Check it.


Update on Blue dye | Week 3

Overall, the blue lasts much better than pink. I've noticed that the closer to red on the colour spectrum the less likely it will stay. The Aqua blue faded into a green seaweed colour, while the blue has lightened but it looks gorgeous. It looks lighter in some parts but that's due to the overloading the other areas with dye. It hasn't gotten splotchy as easily as the pink which is great. By now you would be seeing blonde if I was pink. Here they are with straight and curled hair and it photographs really nicely. I think I will stay blue longer than I expected. Top photo wearing Candy Yum Yum by MAC. Current fav of the moment. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Krikor Jabotian | Chapter One

I would love the chance to wear these designs.

They are absolutely stunning. My favorite parts are the backing with the pearls. I guess pearls are really sticking out to me thanks to Great Gatsby. There's a certain elegance about pearls that make anything look classic. I wouldn't even need an occasion to wear these beauties.


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ion Color Brilliance - Sky Blue | Blue Debut

I have transitioned from being a pink head to a blue head. I absolutely love the Sky blue color over the Aqua because it is more blue. But I have mixed reviews with my friends favoring the Aqua. My head looks like the ocean. I had to do 5 tubes of dye overall with the blue though because it's not like the pink and if you miss a spot it's not super noticeable, but because of the contrast between the blue and blonde, it must be covered at all cost. I love my blue hair as much as I love my pink hair. I seriously never want to be normal again.



Here are some of my favorite pieces from the collection.

If I had the money, yes, I would drop $200,000 on a jewelry piece instead of a down payment on a house. If I could even replicate or even get something as close to this head piece I'd die. I absolutely love this collection and would love to get the opportunity just to try them on. 

Oh Hollywood..