Friday, January 25, 2013

Born This Way Ball Review and Outfit

The born this way ball was to die for. The set was amazing and it's incredible that they were able to fit that massive stage inside any venue. It's truly an unbelievable sight. Gaga was perfection as she strutted down that stage. Seriously, if you have the chance, you should check out the show. However, because I was such a hardcore fan of the Fame Monster, I will be partially biased towards the monst ball. The costumes were great for the born this way ball (she literally changed every song except like 3) but I just love the outfits for the monster ball especially the one she wore for dance in the dark, the poker face catsuit, the telephone outfits, and the paparazzi costume. Maybe I just liked all the different colours caused she mainly focused on black, white, nude, and denim for this ball. The fashion was great; a lot of princess highs and disco bras.
And there's mine. Yes denim and leather was rampant throughout the crowd. My entire ensemble was pretty much bought from Forever 21 and except for the shorts and tights. So if you're ever in need of a BTWball outfit, Forever 21 is probably the best place to go.
Make-up styled by myself, with Viva Glam Gaga II and used Mac and Smashbox for the eyeshadow.
Check out the buses if they come to your area regardless if you bought a ticket to the show. Spead love and compassion everyone.

Highlight of my night was meeting Mark from SYTYCD!
And all the wonderful monsters that stayed out after the show to wait for Gaga. You all were so sweet and lovely, I wish every crowd was like you all!
I barely got her throwing up a peace sign. -__-
Thanks mom for driving off, we waited so long for you. :[
Come see us next time yeah?

And for those of you going, I hope you're ready to ball monsters.
Paws up.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Born This Way Ball Attire #BornBrave

The Born This Way Ball is finally coming up and I'm super excited. I finally found the perfect attire to wear. A pair of leather shorts from H&M and from Forever 21 a jean vest with studs, a leather corset top and lace long sleeve. I plan to wear black tights with gold fishnets over them and the Steve Madden Troopa Boots. I'll definitely be posting this look on when the event passes.
A new quarter has started so I apologize for the delayed posts. It'll pick up again soon.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Victoria's Secret Pink Campus Pant vs. Signature Pant


I remember when Victoria's Secret first launched the pink line and how much every girl wanted the sweat pants. At the time they only had what they call now the "Signature pant", and the first pair I owned was a pair of maroon pants with Pink etched in the colour pink and white across the bum. I was felt so cool to have them. Even now the hype of it hasn't died down, which is great for Victoria's Secret but sucks for consumers because we keep wanting to buy more. Literally before Christmas I was in there twice a week because I wanted to get all their deals they had, including the free Pink Nation Panty, cell phone cases, and make up bag, as well as using the secret reward cards and the $10 they sent in the mail. Back to the point of the blog, I'm a huge fan of their campus pant. It's the most comfortable sweat pant I've ever owned and plus it has pockets, which gets me every time because I usually have my phone on hand or when I'm doing laundry I'll put the coins in my pocket. They are also slightly banded at the bottom, so the sizes run bigger to give the slouchy look. I like the campus pant because when I'm sitting there and I need of socks, all I have to do is roll down my pants to cover my feet. It works just as well. But then again, it could just be meant for tall people and the short people just deep the benefits of it being too big. Who knows. Whereas the signature pant is more fitted, pocket-less, and runs to about mid-calf. I intended to purchase more of the campus pant during the sale, but all the sizes are already gone. Happy shopping.

X brittniss

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Steve Madden Troopa Boot Review

Happy new year! I got the Troopa boots for Christmas and they are the perfect combat boot. They aren't too ornate or fit to a particular style. I got them in brown and now my mom says I should have bought both colours. Thanks a lot mom.

Anyway, so far they're good but like a majority of my boots they out holes in my socks. It's quite frustrating. I'm just hoping that the reason why most of them do that it because they aren't worn in. So when wearing these boots wear old socks! Unless you're trying to go for the slouchy look, I'd put legwarmers instead just to prevent holes in your socks. They pinch a bit when walking right where it creases. I'm not sure if that will also go away with wear, but I hope they do. Other than that they are a pretty comfortable fit, even for walking. They have a zipper so you don't have to lace them every time you put them on, which is a plus for me cause I'm always rushing out places and barely out my shoes on. Hope your holiday is well.