Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Applause Selfie

I am so totally stoked Applause was released a whole week early! It feels like this is the year of great music! Gaga's Artpop will be released in November and Michelle Chamuel's All I Want will be released in September. So much to look forward to!

In the celebration of Applause, here's my take on the Applause make-up.

This was done entirely with eye-shadow, except the lipstick. This was one of the easiest and most relaxing make-up designs I've ever done cause I literally used my finger to apply it and it didn't need to be perfectly symmetrical and it was just bursts of colors. I think Gaga used some kinda of paint or possibly like Ben Nye's for her look. Totally missed her at Micky's Weho and I was literally stalking everyone's instagrams until I knew for sure she left. So happy for those monsters who got to meet her!

Paws up!

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