Friday, August 24, 2012

And all these people with small dreams are looking up at the big screen

So I apologize for slacking on blogs, but here's the latest look.
This was an amazing show, definitely one of my favorites. Young the Giant sounds amazing live and they should be on your list of bands to see live. I thought the show was too short and wish it could be longer!

Back to the look. This is my second favorite pink lipstick by MAC, Viva Glam Nicki. The colour isn't as bright as Lickable but it's still very pink. My hair was braided overnight and undone to get this style. I adore this dress! It definitely caught my eye on the rack. The navaho print and colors are really appealing. I missed out on buying navaho print for winter, so when I was able to rock it for summer, it all worked out. It looks really good by itself and with a sweater (like mine) to go over. I've been dying to use this sweater and was so excited when I found an outfit to wear it with. This summer has been too hot to wear it so when I found an opportunity to wear it, I seized the chance.

Summer is now coming to an end and I hope you enjoyed yours. Please check out my previous look and share the kindness.

x brittniss

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