Monday, June 18, 2012

Hunger Games

AH! So I absolutely love how these shots came out!

As you should grasp from the title, this look was also inspired by the Hunger Games, especially the scene where Katniss volunteers as tribute. Each of these items are very particular to details in the book, especially the jewelry. The earrings symbolize the feathers at the end of arrows, since obviously I am not going to walk around with a deadly weapon. Secondly, the necklace is a reference to the second book, "Catching Fire," so spoiler alert! One of the game makers has a pocket watch with a mockingjay across the face of it, so when I saw this necklace, I knew it would go perfectly with this outfit. The boots are from my first lookbook post, but the boots and the jacket are supposed to be part of her hunting experiences and the actual Hunger Games.

As you may have read before, I am obsessed with these books, so I've envisioned this look for quite awhile as well and finally was able to shoot it. Feel free to share your Hunger Games inspired looks and thoughts about the book in the comments!

Hair Style: Myself, simple side braid.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Damsel Review


I haven't found this pair in any physical location, so I bought them from
They're completely amazing. All I read were positive reviews for this shoe and I must say I have to agree with the comments. I was surprised they actually fit true to size despite what some comments were saying. I wear a size 7 and from what the comments were saying I should have ordered a size 8, but I stuck with the size 7 since there were no half sizes. Luckily, I ordered the 7 because they fit perfectly fine. I would also recommend tying them up completely versus leaving the top notches undone so it fits tighter to the ankle and looks better on the leg. Regardless, you will get stares because they are so tall! They are my favorite pair of shoes by far. I want to get the brown leather too. I know I am an animal lover and feel horrible that they use leather but they are just that great of a shoe!
Share your comments below of what you think.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Never knows best.

The first two images are close ups of the shoes and shirt. I think excessive jewelry doesn't work with this kind of look because of the tie in the shirt and if worn with a blazer, the bracelet will hardly be seen. I've been romanticizing about this look for awhile and finally got to shoot it. I'd recommend nude or red lipstick, or even a brown color.

Hair style: Self-done, inspired by Krista Bradford
Make up: Self-done, Smashbox eyeshadow