Friday, October 23, 2015


Freedom is a fickle thing.
Freedom to speak.
Freedom to live.
Freedom to create.
Freedom to be.
These are all the freedoms I can't live without.
I'd keep fighting
with my last dying breath
to be free

Top // Brandy Melville
Jeans // H&M
Boots // Steve Madden
Necklace // Hot Topic
DIY Flower Eye //

pc: @awcandid

Check out the video below of how I created my face

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink Review

If you've followed my blog for the last few years, you know I've used a variety of other pink dyes. Why it took me so long to finally use Manic Panic is beyond me and I've become a loyal user for almost a year. I can't stress to you how much I love this product overall. But let's specifically talk about Hot Hot Pink.

When I first had it in my hair, it was definitely a hot pink with blue undertones. I thought it was going to be a pink with more orange/peachy undertones. But after further research, I realized the color I thought it would be was made after mixing it with the Flamingo Pink. Nonetheless, this pink overall is fantastic. Probably because I've washed my hair a lot less so it seems like the vibrance of the color lasts much longer. But I've also noticed that it fades out better than Vampire Red. Even though most of the Manic Panic colors come out unevenly, the hair towards my roots is more uneven than the other parts of my hair. Like usually the hair on the bottom half of my head comes out more unevenly than the top part. Whereas the red came out more unevenly towards the bottom rather than the top.

Compared to other pinks this one has definitely lasted the longest and most even when applying. I love the color as it's fading out and I don't have blond patches throughout my hair (which the ion color brilliance and color jams would do after 2 weeks of washing).

One thing I'm not too fond of the manic panic is that it purposely bleeds. Supposedly so that it comes out so you can change the colors often. However, I did not find that the Atomic Turquoise bled as much as the lighter colors (red and pink). I'm not sure if it was because I had already mixed Atomic Turquoise with the pastelizer so it was already bound to lighten up faster but I just thought it was weird. I have been looking into Arctic Fox because it comes with more in the bottle and it doesn't bleed as much. I still have two sets of colors I'm itching to use so that transition probably won't happen for another couple of months.

Stay colorful.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Holy gh0st

She lurks in cemeteries
and dark corridors
If you follow her
You don't know where you'll end up
Dead or alive
She likes you either way
Tell her your secrets
And she may take them to the grave
She steals wild flowers
Only faking to be brave
You can always trust a girl
With pink. long. hair.

Lips // Rimmel London - Bordeaux
Necklace // Forever 21
Dress // Brandy Melville
Jacket // Zara
Shoes // Tillys

pc: @awcandid

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Still Summer

Here in Socal
Summer is relentless
Never letting off heat
And lasting forever
Summer in Socal
The sun always shines
With our sun kissed skin
And bright colored eyes
Only in Socal
Summer is relentless
Never letting Fall pass
Who knows if Winter will ever come

Hair // Manic Panic
Lips // Bobbi Brown
Face // Laniege
Eyes // Smashbox/MAC/Urban Decay
Sunglasses // Target
Top // Styles for Less
Shorts // Forever 21
Sneakers // Chuck Taylor

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

So Pink

pc: @a.w.candid

Back to pink dye in my hair and pink shoes on my feet.
And don't forget all the pinks in between.
Normally I wouldn't be caught dead with those rolls
But I'm trying to take a different outlook
I'll wear whatever I want
without your disapproving looks
Yes, I'm wearing pink on pink on pink
And I don't give one stink

Hair // Manic Panic - Hot Hot Pink
Sunnies // Target
Face // Laniege
Lips // Bobbi Brown
Eyes // MAC/Smashbox/Urban Decay
Tank // Foreign Exchange
Pants // Vintage Michael Kors
Shoes // Unif - Hellbound