Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I realize it feels like it's been ages since my last post (although I've gone through longer periods of time without writing). I've been trying to get into a routine of things, but every time I start on a new routine, something else gets me distracted.

I've been jobless for a while now, waiting to finish a degree, and trying to step foot into the world. I find it so hard to find something that makes you happy. Every time I go to do a job search and look for something in a field I've gotten my degrees in, I get bored and uninspired to continue looking. None of the jobs seem compelling nor inspiring. Honestly, I could do any job. I have the willpower to persevere through anything to "make money", but who wants to live that kind of life?

I've been working on Youtube, which is where my try passion lies. I love entertainment in all its forms, but clearly I'm a little too late in that game to "make money" off of it. So for now, Youtube just a side thing I do for fun. As is blogging. I love writing. I love reading what people have wrote and so cleverly come up with in their brilliant heads. I get so intrigued by novels and mangas that I get consumed with the worlds they create. I've been trying to think creatively, but I find myself limited in my head. I blame society and the way they've limited us to not be creative. I wish we were limitless and allowed ourselves to do anything we want. Then we wouldn't be so afraid.

I think about all the things I wish I could have done to get me in a different path than I am now. Do I regret anything? It's hard to say. But I wish to find passion and something I wholeheartedly love. Is it so hard for a girl to ask?

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