Saturday, July 25, 2015

Imagine Dragons Smoke and Mirrors Tour Review

I have always listened to this band but didn't get into them religiously until really recently. Like whenever they had shows, it was something like oh man I missed it but oh well. BUT when Metric was opening for them I made it a mission to see them. Thus, I went to see the Smoke and Mirrors tour. Honestly, I regret not seeing them for the Night Visions Tour because that album gives me so many feels and I like majority of the record. Smoke and Mirrors is good but I like the vibe and music of Night Visions.

ANYWAY, back to the show. They were really on top of their timing although I'm not sure whether Imagine Dragons was supposed to go on at 9:15 or not but they started Halsey right at 7:30 and Metric at 8:15, and from what my cousin told me was that they were supposed to start at 9:15.
Had they started at 9:15, they could have fit at least another 3 songs, give or take.

Okay, so I had no idea people really didn't care for Metric. People were on their phones for most of their set and said they were quite repetitive which I'll give them that, but I think it's about how the music feels. Honestly, it just makes me think they weren't there for the music, but for the hype of the show. I thought they always finished their set with Gimmie Sympathy, so I was surprised they didn't do that. I guess it's for only headliner shows? Ugh, felt so let down. Haha.

I wish Imagine Dragons didn't spend so much time on the intros to songs cause that could have allowed for more songs once more. I WANTED MORE! Ha. If you couldn't tell.
Songs I wish they played: Amsterdam, Tiptoe, Cha Ching, All Eyes, Tokyo, Look How Far We've Come.
Notice they're mostly songs from Night Visions.

What I love most about them is how humble they are. I love real, genuine people. I mean all bands/musicians say how awesome their fans are but to truly acknowledge them puts them on a whole other level. I love how Dan addressed that he got to go to a few shows when he was younger and had to be selective with the ones he went to see, thus their concert may be the only one people have picked or one of the select few shows they went out to see. He was so thankful for us being there. Also, I praise Dan for preaching music as a religion, not in the sense that it is a higher power, but in the sense that it brings everyone together regardless of their race, class, gender, personal beliefs etc. I've always believed in that but forgot along the way. If there's anything in this world I believe in, it's music and how powerful it is to make you feel and bring you together with others. Be kind y'all.

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