Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Things you should (have) and should not (have) done at Coachella 2015

One thing I really loved about Coachella this year was that they gave away these Dubs, which are great for live music and great for protecting your hearing, especially if you want to listen to music for a long time. I know they have better "grade" earplugs on their website that can control sound I believe I can't remember offhand. But yes, reusable headphones are great.

NOTE ALL THE WATER LOCATIONS! The ones to look for are in the terrace,between Outdoor theater and Gobi, and behind Mojave. I've never personally been past Gobi but there's the H&M booth back there whichI've been dying to check out. Good thing is that every where takes credit card now so that's really awesome so having cash isn't as crucial as it's been in the past few years. OH YEAH THERE'S A PLACE FOR FLUSHABLE TOILETS! It's actually quite clean and better than anything I could ask for since it's flushable! I know for sure the one in Terrace is flushable but can't really say whether the other bathroom locations are. Be sure to take your free photo in the Record Store!
This place is way over hyped for their coffee. I'll give them props for their ice cream but they're coffees are not impressive. If you want coffee, spending extra money for gourmet coffee is not worth it (in my opinion). Their cookies are also quite dry but they may have improved since the last time I've had this.
Must give this place a try if you get a chance. I have only been there once and must say I enjoyed my experience there (although since I go to the location in Claremont, I'd prefer The Back Abbey). The truffle cheese fries are quite delicious and I can't remember what burgers I had but I remember liking it but again the caveat I'd still prefer The Back Abbey. Definitely give this place a try if you have access to it!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I'm young, I'm wild and I'm free (Coachella 2015)

Sunglasses - Wildfox Couture
Bustier - Forever 21
Shorts - Forever 21
Kimono - Styles for Less
Ankle Boots - Urban Outfitters
Flower Crown - gifted

This came out way cooler than I thought. I had lost a bet so my "embarrassing" thing I had to do was put temporary tattoos on my arm that I would have to wear during this shoot and I actually really like way it came out since I didn't have any festival make-up to accommodate this look. Kimonos are great for festivals because they are light weight but still provide some warmth and having a bustier allows you to get an even tan. But always make sure to wear sun screen! Boots are my thing at festivals because I don't like sand getting into my shoes to tennis shoes and sandals are a big fat no for me. You can never go wrong in black and white.

Watch the video for all three looks.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

cosmic girl (Coachella 2015)

Sunglasses - Burberry
Top & Skirt - Styles for Less
Wedges - Tillys

I normally don't wear wedges to festivals but I'd make an exception for these. I can literally walk all day in these without any wear on my feet, but then again I haven't gone to a festival with them but I'd pack an extra pair of shoes just in case. I really love the rhinestones because it's so simple but adds that extra amount of flair to any look. This skirt is also great for festivals because of the slits on the sides which allows air flow to come in. I hate wearing bras because it just makes it extra uncomfortable when I sweat, so finding a top that doesn't need one works even better.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Coachella 2k15

Unfortunately I'm not going to Coachella this year, but this is one of the outfits I would wear. I love it because it's not quite revealing/midrift-showing but still is flowy enough to keep cool. I would never go to Coachella without my trusty boots as I've worn these to both Coachella's I've been to and love wearing boots because it keeps out the dust from my feet and legs, and they're good for standing all day. This is currently my favorite bag! I'd so rather use a backpack any day than a purse because the weight is better distributed and this bag holds so much stuff! Unfortunately not big enough to hold a large water bottle, so that would be something I'd have to carry in my hands. I love that H&M partners with Coachella and I would have loved to win their contest to go. Maybe next year yeah?

Sunglasses - Target
Top - Styles for Less
Shorts - Forever 21
Bracelets - H&M
Boots - Steve Madden
Backpack - thrifted

Watch the video for all three looks.