Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ion Color Brilliance Brights | Mint Review

I think I say this with every dye, but I freakin love this color. I think this is most like me in every way. I mean I love my rainbow hair but I really adore the way my hair came out for this round of color. I think Ion Color Brilliance changed their formula because this one didn't wash out splotchy like it normally does and it didn't even bleed when I was it with soap and water. I may be speaking too soon as I've only washed it once. I did experience two shades of the color (roots and ends of hair), which may be due to freshly bleached hair so it was taking differently than the rest of my head, it or could be because there's more yellow in my roots than the end of my hair so it was able to take the true color of the dye. Shitty part about it though is that we were afraid that my hair wouldn't take this color dye so we literally globbed it on to make sure it stayed AND I slept with the dye in my hair overnight. Total process = approx 5-6 hours including bleach and putting dye in. It may have been less because during the bleaching session, we ran out of developer so we had to run to the store. But anyway, totally boxes = 5 Mint + 2 Lavender. Holy geezus 7 boxes is a lot and Sally's sells out of the mint so fast. What a dilemma. Hopefully they have some soon by my next dying session. What are your thoughts on this dye?


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

DIY Sea Shell Bra

I made this bra back in April, I don't know why I didn't make this post sooner.

Materials you'll need:
1 fitted bra
2 large shells
3 different colored pearls
1 bag of clear marbles
1 bottle of Gem-Tac Glue

Although this may feel awkward, put on your bra first. Put the glue on the cups and then place on your shells. I made the first mistake of trying to fit the shell to the bra without having it on so it didn't form to the cup. If you can find lighter shells (I bought mine at Michael's), I would also recommend that so the bra isn't as heavy. If I had my choice, I would have picked a regular bra NOT a strapless so it can support the weight of all the materials you put on it. But the only old one I could find was a strapless one. Once you have your seashells on there's no particular order on how to organize your materials. I would recommend the larger pieces first so that way you fit the smaller pieces between the larger pieces so it looks filled out. I stuck with more blue pieces, but you can really use any ones you want and to get a more shiny effect, put rhinestones throughout the shell and the straps of the bra.
Check out my version below:

So because I had the issue with the cups not fitting onto my body, I ended up using bandaids as pasties which was a bad idea because it just looked like a nipple anyway. -_-
Oh well. If you do make a strapless bra, it'd go with a pasty route rather than putting another bra under it (especially the sticky boobs). It just looks tacky, disjointed and awkward. At least I felt that way. Just do whatever makes you feel comfortable. Good luck! xx

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Thoughts on country fairs/carnival games, Fifth Harmony & Karmin Performance

These games are totally rigged. And we all know it. So how do people still win that shit?
Only one answer.
It only makes sense right?
So the only game you're guaranteed to win are those water gun spray games. Unless you're really good at tossing a ball into a fish bowl or throwing a frisbee (for ring toss game).
Hacker tip 1: If it's a ball game, ask the demonstrator to use their ball. If they don't let you use it, it's probably rigged.
Hacker tip 2: Look under the hoops. Shit's oval shaped!
Hacker tip 3: Some games you can exchange small prizes for a larger one.

This concert was so awkward. I felt like an old person with a bunch of tweens.
Fifth Harmony girls were good at getting the crowd pumped and I had more fun messing around and getting into their music. We need more strong female groups. Plus they were mixed so they were good in my books. For the encore, they turned on the house lights. That was weird and then they came on stage. Concerts don't work like this.
I've loved Karmin since their Youtube days so cool seeing them live again. Amy is so freakin good. I wish she was still doing her pin up vibe but it's all good. Change is necessary for your career sometimes. They didn't do an encore. Why? Possible explanations: They were called list minute to do this concert; They had to be in Baton Rouge the next day; They forgot? I dunno man but it was weird. This is my second time an encoreless performance has occurred.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Habits to Help Clear Acne

I made a full on video about this so to get the shorter version of this watch here:

Otherwise, here's my thoughts on how to keep your face clean.

1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking the right amount of water is so beneficial for your skin and your health. Not only does it help clear your face, it helps keep your lips moisturized and keep your colin clean! Yeah I know TMI but really using the bathroom will become much easier if you drink a lot of water. I no longer need to use chapstick/lip moisturizer after staying hydrated so you'll save money from not having to buy this.
Things I like to use instead of individual water bottles are tumblers or the big 32oz bottles from PINK. They give them for free quite often so if your making your trip there get these bottles/tumblers for free.
2. Washing your face every morning and night.

I'm the worse when it comes to this. I would love to say that I do this religiously but truth is sometimes I don't wash every night and morning. But really, this is really a matter of knowing your skin and washing your face when you think you need it. I use Dudu Osun as my main face wash but when I forgot to take it into the shower I've been using Clinique Exfoliating Scrub or whatever soap is currently there.
 I like buying this at Ulta because you can use the $3.50 off purchase for this which I think this is about the lowest price you can buy it at. Let me know if you've bought this cheaper elsewhere.
Okay so the link I provided is for the 12 pack but you can buy them individually or for a smaller package. Make sure you cut up the soap into blocks so this lasts longer and take it out of the shower every time you use it.

3. Blow drying your hair before you sleep.

Moisture is the death of your clear skin! Seriously! I have acne on my back and neck because I go to sleep with my hair wet. I try to blow dry my hair before I sleep if I shower before I sleep but sometimes I shower too late and don't do that. In this case, I tie up my hair. See next tip.

4. Tying up your hair.

I love and hate keeping my hair down. Sometimes I get tempted to chop it all off but then when it looks good I'm so glad I didn't. But as I said moisture is the death of clear skin so keeping it out of your face is good for your skin. So is dust! Your hair contains so much dust so if your hair isn't clean than get that shit out of your face!

5. Washing your hair.

Because I dye my hair I don't wash my hair often which is bad for my skin cause I'll break out. Oh the dilemma. So my way to solve it is to put it my hair up. But if you don't have my dilemma, wash your dang hair.

6. Using a new towel every time you shower.

Yes this adds more laundry, but sometimes just changing your towel can make a big difference. It sits out all day collecting dust and it has your dirty oils from previous wash. I don't even use a towel to dry my face so why would I use it for my body/hair?

7. Washing pillow often.

Your pillow is like a breeding place for dirt. It's where you sleep so all this dust is on your pillow. Clean it so if your face does touch it, your not putting more dirt onto your face.

8. Do not sleep on your face.

As explained in previous tip, there's dust/dirt there. Sleep on your back. Not your sides and definitely NOT your stomach.

9. Clean you entire bedding.

If you sleep with your sheets up to your neck like me, you should wash the entire bedding at least once a month. There's also bed bugs and other things crawling around in there. Wash it!


I've been walking for an hour almost every day. If not, I find some kind of physical activity to do. You will be surprised how much this helps. It also helps so many aspects of your life. So get out there and exercise.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Vista Mirage Resort Review

This place is perfectly near everything. Less than a mile from Downtown Palm Springs and less than half an hour to El Paseo/The River/Westfield. If you're interested in this place for Coachella, it's about 45 minutes (it's right next to Club Trinidad and your hotel stop would be The Saguaro). It's literally within walking distance of a Ralph's grocery store as well as Starbucks, although I wouldn't recommend that during the months of July-August.

I like this place a lot. All your amenities are provided by the resort. It has two pools, tennis courts, and BBQs available for grilling.
Hours for use
Mon-Thurs: 8am - 10pm
Fri-Sun: 8am - 10:45pm (Why is it such an odd time? I haven't exactly figured that out.)

They have 1-3 rooms available. I stayed in two bedroom suite with two bathrooms which the tour is available below. This suite does have a pull out sofa bed. Of course not my favorite but it's better than the floor.

Kitchen: Omgosh this one is so much better than Club Trinidad. The oven is obviously bigger making the stove area bigger. I HATE ELECTRIC STOVES. They take forever to warm up so literally put it on high to get it hot and wait. But once it's hot cooking isn't a problem. It has two racks in the oven so cooking for a large crowd is a bit difficult. The dishwasher leaks. At least the room I was in. It's super loud so don't run it when you want to sleep. I like the bar area that connects with the dinning area.

Dining/Living Room: The dining area is great. The table seats 6 but with the bar area you can seat approx 8. It's great for entertaining. There's an outdoor patio in the back which we didn't use cause it was so ridiculously hot.

Front Bedroom: Tell me why this room doesn't have a TV? It has the nightstand for it like it's supposed to go there but no TV. Closet has sliding door mirror and connects to the front patio. Queen size bed. Didn't sleep in the beds so can't really comment upon their comfort.

Main Bedroom: WALK IN CLOSET!! Woot! That's my favorite part. This bedroom is connected to its own bathroom with two sinks so it's quite spacious. This bedroom does have TV with King Bed. There's a full dresser and night lamps with the plugs directly

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lash out by Be a Bombshell Review

I want to like this product but I have mixed reviews on this product as there are many things I like and dislike.


  • Elongates eyelashes (the mascara literally builds upon each other to make your lashes longer)
  • No spidery lashes (aka no clumps)


  • Bottle smells funny, like the packaging on it smells peculiar and almost prevents me from using it
  • Large brush. I'm just a fan of the telescopic one of l'oreal so other brands just don't cut it for me in terms of brush size. Thicker brushes are harder to handle
  • I'm not sure if it's just me but I feel like my eyelashes are falling out, but then again I left my make up overnight so that could have caused it. I haven't had consistent instances with it but definitely see my eyelashes falling out more than normal.
Let me know your thoughts on this mascara if you've used it.
Hope you're well.


UPDATE: I think this mascara is awful. I barely opened it/used it and it feels all dried up. I would not recommend buying this.