Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Time Traveler

If you go back in time, you'll see the evolution of women.

From their clothing, to hair, to shoes, to make up, to movies, to portrayal, to their rights.
I wouldn't want to be a woman in another era, but to experience the time would be a great gift.
If you take her back to the 1920s, she'd have a mint bob and pearls draping from her ears and neck.
You wouldn't find her in old money, but in new money making her own way.
She'd have a house on Long Island and travel to the city to watch shows and find the hidden bars.
Make sure to meet her acquaintance, because you'll never know where she'll be next.

Bag: Betsey Johnson
Coat: Thriftstore
Heels: Guess
Dress: Forever 21

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lana Del Rey @ The Shrine Review

I don't get it, I understand obsessiveness over an artist (trust me, I've been there with Gaga) but I will not trample others to get to see the person. I just don't have that drive to hurt others for the sake of my self. Secondly, as I've mentioned about Coachella, I don't know why they put her on the smaller stage or why they put her in such a small venue. I literally did not get tickets for this show until the last minute, but when I was waiting for presale and actual sale date, it was sold out in a matter of minutes. People were waiting outside to buy tickets off people who decided not to go and people were camping out all day to get in the front.

Not a fan of the merch. I wish the poster had tour dates and I bought this black and gold foil shirt (bought at coachella) that the foil falls off. Cheap shit right? So I'm gonna frame that so I can remember the Coachella date but I don't know if they ended up putting the LA date on the new one, which I doubt because they it was added after the tour was announced.

The Venue
The place is gorgeous. It looks so historical and fits in perfectly with Lana's personality.

The workers
They are very unhappy campers. No one wants to help you and they are very persistent on not giving you your hard ticket. They told us when we got our wristbands that we would be able to acquire our tickets after the show. After talking to 4 people after the show, no one was willing to get them for us and pretty much said we don't know if we can get it to you. WHY ARE PEOPLE LIARS!? One of the ladies was set on not bringing them out to us, even though she claimed she was but you can totally tell by her demeanor that she was lying. Then another guy was just standing in the doorway preventing us from just getting them off the floor. They were scattered all over the floor and finally another fan had to pick them up and pass them out to us. The power of fandom. It was so nice of her to do that.
There was one exception. The sound guy gave us the setlist. I'm pretty sure he saved it for us the entire time. I saw at least 5 people ask for it and he saved it for us or something because some guy asked over us when we were already there asking the sound guy for the list. SO HE GAVE IT TO US! Woot. Not all people are horrible.

Waiting for her
Waited until 2 am. Don't know when she left or if she was even there the whole time we were waiting. It sucks butt because it was the last tour date so we pretty much expected her to come out for the last night. Very sad day. She did come out prior to the show and I saw her getting another guy in. Whether or not he actually got in is a mystery to me.

Ion Color Brilliance Lavender Review

I really like this dye. It's the perfect medium between pastel lavender and a deep purple color. It does fade obviously a lot quicker than the Ion Color Brilliance Purple, but the color is great. I re-did the purple section of my hair just recently and it's lasted a lot better than the last time I dyed it but it could also be I made the section larger so it's more noticeable. Tip for dying hair, literally massage the color into your head. I know it sounds corny and cheesy, but it's helped even my hair color and make it last longer. It's really comparable to the manic panic color and it fades nicely into a lighter color and that icey-blue color.