Saturday, July 27, 2013

School buys - New Boots

Back to school is around the corner and for some of y'all it's in the next few weeks. There are what I've been looking at to add to my shoe collection for this new school year and fall essentially.
 I saw these displayed in Nordstrom and nearly bought it without thinking. It has the same style as the Troopa because it's still laced but it's half the height of the shaft of the boot and the cuff adds the perfect edge. If I do end up buying this, I would definitely choose the black since I already own brown boots. I own another pair of black booties from Forever 21. Have to say I'm not a huge fan of them. I've literally worn them like twice and they were both to Lady Gaga concerts. These would definitely replace them and get much better wear than those boots. BUT anyway! I would recommend buying them now during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! I will probably wait on them, sad face cause I'm a broke college student. In the description is warns to order a size smaller cause I guess they run large so I would definitely try them on first.
 I love over the knee boots because I was inspired by Sailor Moon to own a pair. I currently own one over the knee boot (The American Rag ones) and adore them. I wore them throughout my San Francisco Trip and they kept me warm during the cooler weather of northern Cali. But I like these ones because they look almost thigh high and they don't flap over. I haven't tried them on yet, but if I ever get a chance to, I will let you know how they fit!
I've been unable to acquire my Human Aliens and Hellbounds, so I've been contemplating other pink shoes. I guess you can never have too many boots. These would definitely be a contender if they never come back in stock. Sad face.

Enjoy the weekend.


J. Crew Kids' suede MacAlister Boots review

I bought these suckers in store and had them shipped to my house cause apparently J. Crew hates holding kids shoes in stores. Just kidding. I'm sure they have a wonderful reason why they don't carry more children's attire in their stores. ANYWAYS. So the lovely salesperson was really helpful in finding the shoe for me since clearly the men's size was way too large, and the funny thing is, we based off the size from literally measuring my friend's foot and even then it still too big and it ended up fitting me. I wear a size 7 and ordered k5 in the kids size so for future references and you're interesting in buying the kids shoes women's size 7 equates to kids k5 or whatever the sizing is on it.

There's the link in case you're interested in buying, which I'm sure isn't the case.
Happy Weekend.


Monday, July 22, 2013

Put your hands on up for me and feel the paranoia lookbook

I absolutely adore this look because it's so simple and works for multiple occasions.

This dress is great because it's a maxi and it has an embroidered pattern on the back to make it look a bit dressier. Yeah I know, I need new sunglasses and earrings for my looks. I added my flower to the dress to accent my hair and give more color. (Yeah, right it was on my head and I wanted to put the hat on and put it there and took the picture forgetting to take it off.)
Inspiration behind this look was Ella Riot's Karma. So love this song. If you haven't heard it check it out.
MAC Candy Yum Yum
Forever 21 Maxi
Target Round Sunglasses
Macy's Earrings
Hat from grandma's house

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tank and Lace Racerback Dress from Victoria's Secret

 Bought this one in this pink. I was interested in buying it in white, which H&M had a similar one but the material wasn't thick enough so it was very see-through. It runs a bit large because it's meant to be worn with a bandeau but if you're not interested in wearing a bandeau, I'd buy the smaller size and wear a stickie boobs bra so that way it doesn't show, or wear a bra that doesn't show all the straps. I particularly like their dress because even though it's a tight fit it doesn't expose all your curves and is actually flattering. I originally wanted it in the tribal print but it sold out during the semi-annual sale. Plus in stores the dress is now $15.
This one is also selling for $15 and I got this one in black. I'm planning on using it as a cover-up as it advertises because it's way to baggy to be wearing it as a dress.

I had a $10 off so I got the dresses for $20 and tax so it was a great deal.
I plan on styling the tank dress with black leather vest and my damsels. Look to come!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bravery at it's finest feat. Asianya Jones

Bravery at it's finest.

This girl is so inspiring, I don't know many people who had the same kind of courage she had.
Thank you for being brave.

#PINKBookSelfie Contest and Living for the Fame Lookbook

I wasn't planning on doing this contest but I figured I have the resources might as well do it. It was a lot of fun because I was going for Lana Del Rey's look with the hair and makeup and my hair turned out better than I had hoped. I absolutely loved it.
Process of doing my hair.

My lovely set.

Instagram submission
The submission was inspired by Daisy on the Great Gatsby promo photo and yes these clothes are all owned and not bought just for the shoot.
Make up was done by myself and I used the Victoria's Secret pallets that were on sale during the Semi-Annual, L'oreal eyeliner, and MAC's Viva Glam Gaga. 
Hair was done with Aussie hairspray and used a pick comb to get the tease. Headpiece was a gift from Hawaii.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

F21xMe | Fourth of July Look

Just want to make the announcement that I am on the Forever 21 website under the #f21xme page on 21st street!

Super stoked! Baby steps.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Quilted Nylon Tech Wristlet Review

Thought I'd blog about the other wallet I gave as a gift while I was at it. Here's it below.

My favorite part about this wallet is the lipstick compartment which I should have considered for myself but it worked out for the person I bought it for. It has MANY pockets more than I knew than when I purchased it. I believe there's one on each side of the wallet and one on the outside which is great for people who keep a lot of papers when shopping or receipts, or whatever you may put in your wallet. This quite bigger than the embellished canvas phone wallet wristlet since it has the lipstick holder and more card cases BUT there isn't a coin section which may be why there are so many pockets and there are more card holders as well. They're both beautiful wallets, I just happen to like the one I own better. :) 

Hurry before this one is sold out!


Embellished Canvas Phone Wallet Wristlet Review

This is my new favorite accessor that I received as a gift. I absolutely adore it. I first came across this shopping for a present for someone and then I got it as a present so it worked out just perfectly. I love the canvas on this piece and the leather interior. It isn't too big and it's not too small. The pocket is for a phone but mine is a bit too big so I just use it for other paper materials or cards. What's great about it is holds both money and change with the zipper. The only downside is that it's a bit lopsided when stuffing it to capacity but it's really not noticeable. Mine is in the color shown above and it's by far the most appealing. I liked it in grey but was surprised when I received it in the tan color and loved it even more. It's a beautiful wallet and a great accessory. Unfortunately it's sold out online! Lucky for my I got it in time. But in case you happen to come across it in store, it's a definite must buy. It's affordable and super adorable.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth of July Look

This is the first time I've ever posted to date for one of these things! Yippie! But I adore these photos and this look. I'm usually not a fan of blatant flag apparel to celebrate but I thought, "Hey why not." It actually turned out pretty legit with my hair and red lipstick, wearing Make up Forever.

Yeah, some of these would have looked better zoomed in or from different angle but my favorite one is the close up. It has perfect lighting. Both top and bottom are from Forever 21. Jacket from StylesForLess Sunglasses from Target and Troopa boots Steve Madden. My dog wanted to be in the pictures.

Enjoy your holiday for those who live in the states! Be safe and drink responsibly.