Friday, April 26, 2013

Brittniss x Coachella Day 3
 There was a major mix up in transferring hotels but we got back here none the less. I absolutely love this last look cause it literally looks like a campaign ad thanks to my photographically talented friend. As you can tell, I literally didn't care how I looked and just threw my hair up and I didn't wear make up since the first day (honestly I forgot to put it on the second day, but we can pretend I didn't want to wear it).
Dress - Styles for Less
Denim Vest - Forever 21
Combat Boots - Steve Madden

This was also my simplest outfit because it had the least amount of pieces, but I still love it just the same.
This mother effing snail literally ran people over. I didn't think it moved the first day but I heard from others that they got stuck underneath it or it was right in the middle of sets being a major distraction. It's definitely a beautiful piece of work, but just a pain in the ass when it's sitting in the middle of the set. It was funny because I tried my best to avoid it as much a possible.

Overall, Coachella was a fun, new experience. I didn't feel the need to see every band and it was worth it to just see the select bands I wanted to see. I didn't suffer from fatigue or heat exhaustion because by the last day, people were just chilling in the shade taking naps because they were so exhausted. Like this one girl was passed out while her friends were sitting next to her and her poor piercing looked infected from the sweat. My combat boots was a smart decision to wear. They were comfortable and protected me from the dirt when walking. Downside, they're super dusty now and debating on whether I should clean the laces. WEAR SUNSCREEN AND BRING HATS! I brought jackets for the first two nights and didn't wear one for second night because we left before the sun went down. I know what you're thinking HOW COULD WE HAVE LEFT? I had class the next day people at 9am, cut me some slack. Jk. It didn't matter anyway because we came late the whole weekend anyway. Wide brim hats are your best option because they cover your face and provide your body with a little bit of shade. They weren't kidding when they said to stay hydrated. Because I probably stayed max 4-5 hours per day, I consumed 2 bottles while there and that's not even accounting for the water I consumed prior and after. BUDDY SYSTEM! Just cause. I can't comment on the bathrooms because I was fortunate enough to only have to go when I was in the hotel room and when I did have to go we were already heading back anyway. If you plan to drink, camp or buy shuttle pass. If you're an all day goer, camp or get shuttle pass. It was totally worth the extra 50 bucks just so we didn't have to drive back and forth and when we were tired we didn't have to deal with the stress of driving back.

That was my weekend. Hope you other coachella-ers were safe and had a good time as well.

I'm graduating this quarter so I'm trying to finish off strong and majorly studying.
Happy studies.


Brittniss x Coachella Day 2

Woot woot! Day 2! So we figured we weren't going til later so we chilled at the hotel most of the day and went swimming. It was totally worth it to sit back and chill because I totally enjoyed the rest of the night more.
Brittniss x Shuttle Stop
Here's my second look since Lookbook banned it off the website. Which to me is total crap because it didn't put the words on there. Like it's an object that I'm talking a picture with and it's entirely artistic. But blah fine.
Tank - Victoria's Secret PINK
Shorts - Forever 21
Letterman's Jacket - Styles for Less
Combat Boots - Steve Madden

Must say this was my favorite night because I was super prepared and the bands I wanted to see were playing later and they all sounded AMAZING! I was in love with Postal Service and Two Door Cinema Club! I grew up listening to Postal Service and they were like my high school band. I probably listened to them every night to sleep in high school. I was planning to see Two Door sooner but school always interfered so it was great to finally see them live.

This photo was shot right before Two Door played. This was also an art piece where they just attached a bunch of balloon to strings and festival goers took turns passing it off to one another to take pictures with and move them around the festival. It was really cool because it was always moving and it looked great with all the lighting they had around the festival. Not much to talk about here because it was such a good day.


Brittniss x Coachella Day 1

Brittniss x Pincurls

This is how the weekend started. Wanting to look cute every day and I actually did my hair! woot! To eliminate using products on my hair and damaging it/lose color, I pin curled it as you can see in the pic above. It was super freakin hot. Weather said High: 84, it felt like hotter. Plus, because it was the first day lines were not moving and security was being very thorough. Unfortunately, I missed Metric. Sad face.
Brittniss x Yellow Path
Because we had a shuttle pass, we were told to follow the yellow path. Of course they played the "follow the yellow brick road" portion of the Wizard of Oz, and let me tell you, that shit will make you mental. Cause it's probably a 10-15 second playback of the same few lines that you can hear for a good 4-5 runs of it while walking the path. INSANITY. 
Brittniss x Outdoor Stage
We finally made it at around 5PM, so if you're traveling by shuttle, give at least an hour cushion between departure and the show time. Cause we thought we had a bunch of time and that clearly didn't work out for us.

Here is my first look of the weekend and a random pic of this electricity plant they had in the middle of the festival. Okay the one major thing that sucks about the food truck is that you have to be 21+ and even if 21+ you had to get your ID checked because they are located in the beer gardens. So if you're looking to try truck food and you're underage, you're SOL.
Bustier - Forever 21
Skirt - Styles for Less
Leather Jacket - Zara
Combat Boot- Steve Madden
Hat - Ross?
Lipstick - MAC Riveting Rose + Wet n' Wild (who uses this shit anymore?)
It was totally worth not wearing jewelry or face make up because you sweat EVERYWHERE. 
I'd highly recommend bringing a jacket for night time. Backpacks are good for keeping your crap especially if you don't want to sit on the ground. You never know who might have puked there. Refilling your bottles is really unrealistic so don't plan on getting that shit filled. RECYCLE THE BOTTLES! Here I am preaching to do this but I didn't do it. It says you could collect 10 bottles in exchange for a new cold water and possibly other merch but I never tried to do that but I ended up seeing people with bags of bottles and cans so I'm pretty sure they made the exchange.

WARNING: Weed is everywhere. No joke. EVERYWHERE. You can't escape it. Maybe it was the date or something but seriously, I knew it would be around but not as much as I thought. Like these people had no decretion when having it out there and rolling it like it's no big deal. PLUS they even did it around children, which is like seriously dude? Like your decision is your decision but don't smoke around the kids. WEAR A BANDANA TO AVOID THIS AND DUST. I ended up leaving early because I had such a bad headache. 

That wraps up day 1.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

DV8 Dolce Vita Alliance Review

I was completely blown away when I tried these on. They look better in person than they do online. I can say I'm a proud parent of these babies. Aha. Anyway, I've been looking for a pair of white heels for quite sometime and honestly I was considering getting a JC Damsel in white, but they never were reasonable enough for me to get a second pair. So I saw Rachel Lynch get a pair of the Alliances and I thought, I've seen those somewhere. And sure enough they were on Urban Outfitters website. I kept stalking the shit out of the website until they went on sale. Sure enough they did! So I seized the opportunity to buy them. I haven't worn them out but I have tried them on. They are really stiff so they are difficult to get on but I'm sure with more wear they will become easier. I took a stroll around my house with them and I found them a bit more difficult to walk in them than Jeffrey Campbell's. So far all the other review I've read about them are positive, and I'm hoping it's just a matter of getting used to them and practice. They didn't have that instant pain feeling that you get when you know a pair of heels aren't for you, so that's definitely a good sign.


Ion Colour Brilliance Powder Lightener Review

As you all know, I've previously been using Prism Lites to bleach my hair but I finished the bag of bleach and decided to try a different product. I figured if I'm using the spray before putting in the dye and the color locking agent after the dye, heck, I might as well try to bleach. The ratio is 1:1 to the developer which I thought was odd considering prism Lites was 1:2. So I followed the instructions and it created a pasty/cement looking concoction. So I thought, oh crap I didn't follow the directions properly. I checked the bottle again and it said 1:1. I started to apply the product on my head and started off with a super thick layer of bleach. I panicked and thought it was too much so I thinned out the layer enough to cover the unbleached portion. After we finished the entire crown, I went through my head to make sure my hair was taking the bleach and noticed the hair wasn't changing color fast enough except for the section that we had caked on the bleach. So guess what. I went back and globbed on the bleach. Don't be afraid to apply a thick layer because it is the most effective way to lighten the hair. I don't know the best way to describe the amount but I'd probably say 1/8 of an inch but enough to visibly see the beach on the hair you want to dye.
Honestly, I feel this bleaches better and faster than the prism Lites especially if you apply the right amount because it ended up being lighter than my last bleaching session. I was pretty pleased with the results with only using Ion Color Brilliance products and I think this is one of the most evenest dying I've done except the last time. The Fuschia color takes the best and is the most even when dyed but when it washed out it fades splotchy. But that could be due to sunlight, heat, and other factors.
Good luck dying.

X brittniss

 Here are the other products I used!

Lady Gaga's My Idol

I can't even begin to express the multiple levels of appreciation I have for gaga. But this, is something that cannot go unnoticed.

First off, I'm super jelly of Emma for having direct contact with gaga. She's already got to personally meet her, conversate with her, and hug her. that would probably complete my life. Then to develop a relationship with her omg I'd die. Gaga would be the best BFF ever. Second off, Who does that? What kind of celebrity does this kind of kindness for a fan. It's one thing to keep in contact with Emma but to get her a surgery is true dedication. It's funny that this came up because a friend and I were talking about how other celebrities actions must be glamorized and noticed by the media. And that is sometimes purpose for them to get noticed that they are "giving back". But we felt that gaga put her fame to good use by being politically active and standing up for those who don't have a voice and reaching out to kids who don't have the same resources we do. I just happened to do my routine gaga stalking and this post came up. She's truly amazing and inspiring. If I were ever to have that kind of power, I hope to do the same.

Thank you mother monster for being the best you can be.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Strawberry Margharita OPI Nail Polish Review

Not only is the colour great but the sturdiness of the polish is great also. I haven't had a chip yet in the first two days of using it. I have to say the older OPI nail polishes chip really easily and don't last long at all. For strawberry Margharita I only applied me coat and it's pretty vibrant. No top coat or base coat is needed. Looks great with MAC Lickable or Impassioned.

Friday, April 5, 2013

I'm the weight, you're the kite

Yeah,  I've been a bit obsessed with using caps when typing. It's not that I'm trying to shout, it's just convenient when I have to capitalize the first letter anyway. That's what I get for using an iPad that automatically capitalizes every first word after a period.

Easter just passed and it's back to school for me. Yippie. As with every Easter, I don't think anyone can escape wearing pastel colours or lighter tones. Last year I wore coral, borderline orange dress for easter.   I added a slight "edge" to the look by wearing black and pleather shorts.
ANYWAY. I wore Forever 21 top, H&M short, Target sunglasses, and Qupid shoes.
I'm definitely digging the circular frame sunglasses. Not gonna lie, I really want the pink Wildfox ones, but I think they're sold out. Sad face.

Yes, Cinderella is on the kite, and yes, I'm struggling to get the kite up, but as you can see, I finally got it in the air. Yay me. This day always reminds me of the scene in "Cheaper By the Dozen," when Hilary Duff tells her family wearing black that is appropriate because Jesus died on easter and her brother retorts "Jesus died on Easter Barbie." Gets me every time.

You probably can't see it, but lipstick is MAC Costa Chic. Perfect for pastel-like colour combination.

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I thought this pic was cool, so I thought I'd share it.
I told you I was obsessed with Pretty Little Liars. And who else is disappointed by the season finale! Like what the heck! Now I have to wait until June! Oh well. Happy Spring.